SWATCHOUT *and* Friday Open Thread!

OH WOO IT’S THE WEEKEND. Let’s look at some blush and then talk about ’em!

Yeah so if I’m wearing really strong eye makeup, I usually feel like pink/peach/red blush is WHOA GIRL TOO MUCH. So, back it down to something more in the nude / “contour” range, right? Well, that’s a little challenging when you have fair pink skin and anything with strong warm or brown tones reads not as “oo nicely defined” but more like “hey you’ve got some dirt on your face.” I’ve always been kind of hesitant about wading into that particular [muddy] pool, but here’s four things I DO own that vaguely fit the category :

Clockwise from left : Tarte Exposed, Nars Douceur, ColourPop Aphrodisiac, Tarina Tarantino Neapolitan Lane.

All four of these are actually pretty good blushes! The Nars (I think this shade is discontinued) has its typical highly-pigmented-yet-easily-blendable formula. The ColourPop is their SuperShock cream/powder hybrid, and when I arm-swatched these four and then washed them off, the CP reaaaaally wanted to hang on, so A+ longevity there. The Tarina Tarantino is my favorite consistency of the four : it’s a bit more loose/”powdery” than the Nars, yet it applies even more smoothly. The Tarte is a bit harder and stiffer than some others from the permanent lineup — it can seem like you have to dig at it with your brush to pick up product, but it does apply and wear pretty well.

From left : Tarte Exposed, ColourPop Aphrodisiac, Tarina Tarantino Neapolitan Lane, Nars Douceur — in cooler bright light, dimmer indoor light, and warm light :

Even though it doesn’t look extremely pink in the pan, the Tarte definitely is pinkest when applied. ColourPop Aphrodisiac has a slight pearly sheen I’m not crazy about for a blush or contour product, and it’s a little too tan/warm for my skin. The Tarina Tarantino is about as brown as I can safely go without looking filthy. The Nars is, frankly, AWFUL on my skintone, and I’m ashamed to say I wore this one a LOT before I put better light bulbs in my bathroom. :/

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. If you happen to be quite fair and very pink like me, and struggle to find something to add a little color and definition to your face that doesn’t read as either “blush” or “jesus when did you bathe last,” Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in “Exposed” (for a pinker yet still not “blushy” look) and Tarina Tarantino Dollface Blush in “Neapolitan Lane” — which, shit, I think this might be discontinued as well, but you could probably find it on eBay or Poshmark. (We can’t ever have a Swatchout without at least one discontinued color, you know.)

My big excitement for the next few days is that I am CAT-SITTING, omg. BF’s fur gob is coming for an extended sleepover party while he’s out of town, so I get to look forward to [short, non-blue] hair everywhere, small things deliberately knocked off of horizontal surfaces, and no doubt a parrot who’ll spend the next four days losing his damn mind. This should be … interesting.

YOUR WEEKEND. Tell me about it. Or talk about blush. Or cats. Open threeaaaaaaddd!