Palette Makeover The Second

Hey the last one went so well I had to do it again. THIS TIME, okay, remember when I bought my first batch of ColourPop pressed powder shadows and oooo, they came with a free four-pan magnetic palette dealio? Yeah, that palette annoyed me.

I mean it was perfectly functional and all (tho rather boring and non-durable white glossy cardboard), but WHYYYYY all the wasted space? AND THEN, someone was like “you know, you can take that foam insert thing right out of there.” Oh word? So of course I removed the shadows and started futzing with it. Alas, the foam-insert-with-holes seems to be glued down. Whatever, I’ll just tear it out.

DANG, I did not get a photo of this! But literally the whole insert in the box came out, and then I tried to carefully peel off the black foam topper — this yielded a slightly torn-up cardboard surface underneath, but hey, the magnetic thing was still fine, so whatever. I can COVER THAT. So cover it I did! Because I’ve got adhesive-backed vinyl glitter paper in half a dozen or so colors, because of course. Measure top of insert, cut a piece of the stuff to fit, peel off backing and slam it on there. Then simply glue the whole insert back in the box, et voilà!

WOW THAT’S BETTER. If you would like to do this yerself, you can A) procure some similar glittery sticker stuff, or B) use a festively patterned paper and seal it with ModPodge or a laminating machine or adhesive laminating sheets. If you go the second route, TIPS : you want something pretty thin here. Before doing a final assembly, test your chosen material with its chosen glossy easy-clean coating on top — just lay it/them on the surface of the insert and make sure the shadow pans still adhere. If you use something too thick, the magnetic effect will no longer be robust enough to hold your shadow pans in place. Also, you’ll want a texture or pattern that’s sufficiently “forgiving” to obscure any surface unevenness resulting from ripping the foam (and bits of cardboard surface) off. If you’re using a non-adhesive paper, I recommend affixing it with Mod Podge or similar — something that’ll do a permanent bond, but won’t cause shrinkage or wrinkles in the surface of your paper. (A hardcore permanent spray adhesive like 3M Super 77 would also probably work.)

ANYWAY. I figured I might as well do a matching wrap on the outer surface. Since this glitter-vinyl stuff is quite thin and very sticky on the back but also it’s fairly stiff/hard to crease, I didn’t try to wrap the very edges/rims of my palette — I guessed they’d be quite likely to peel up and/or get nastiness under there. Instead, I did a one-piece panel that wraps all the way around the box, and left about 1/8″ of space around the edges. Measure, cut, and peel up just part of an edge (you can chop off that portion of the backing paper, or just fold it down) to position along the front rim, get that part adhered, and then it’s a little easier to do a tight wrap with no bubbles or creases all the way around.

NATURALLY, this resulted in a not-quite-perfectly-straight alignment going around the box, but whatever. If I had to do it over again, I’d probably cut little individual pieces to fit each panel — top, bottom, spine, and front closure flap — less 1/8″ on all sides to keep a jaunty white border and also not risk having sticker edges peeling up from the edges of the palette.


It’s sparkly so of course I had to video it :

IT’S THE WEEKEND WHAT’RE YOU DOING. I think I’m going to be party to the acquisition of a Christmas tree, and possibly the decoration thereof. Also, there will be booze, maybe simultaneously but maybe not, who knows. OPEN THREAD, PEEPS.