OOTRT : December 21

Okay this is technically from a week and a half ago, right before I recolored my hair. But that’s why it’s called Outfit of the Recent Timeframe, not of the Day.

ANYHOW. Cute yellow raincoat I’ve worn like twice, picked up two or three years ago at … SteinMart? TJMaxx? One of those places you run in because it’s next to the craft/hardware/whatever store and “let’s see if they’ve got any good candles/snacks*/those huge tubes of Bliss Body Butter for an insanely low price.” Bright yellow things attract me as much as they terrify my parrot (IDK, he’s flipped his shit at both my dog’s yellow raincoat and a big yellow ladder, so) and thus obvs I had to grab it, and it was only like fifty bucks or something!

*TJMaxx has (or used to have, I’ve not been in forever) these INSANE mango licorice candy things that were just … 

ALSO, the leggings are from Spanx, they’re the only item of Spanx I own, and I loathe the name “Spanx.” But I got over it realfast because they’re silvery grey velvet and I love them more than probably any other pair of pants/jeans in my entire wardrobe. You guys, seriously, the fit is AMAZING, they feel like something a lady superhero would wear (glam-rock body armor), the waist is perfect and never rolls down, and they’re worth every penny of their lamentable hundred-dollar price tag. I’m thinking about getting the tealy green ones, too.

Boots are from SeaVees and fabulous tho sadly they don’t seem to be making them anymore. :(  Scarf I made myself (it’s brushed suri and silver metallic, oooooo). And, yeah, another Star Wars tee shirt. You’ll be seeing a lot of those around here.

HOLY CRAP IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. Also, feel free to share a recent outfit, make fun of my nerd shirt, or provide recommendations for other excellent velvet leggings. <3