LOTRT : December 4

Oh hello again, Monday, you unwelcome beast. Let’s start this busy AF week off with some makeup, yes?


Eye primer, currently Wet N Wild Photo Focus, which is surprisingly effective and non-irritating!

THEN, on browbone and down toward crease, a matte nude-for-your-skintone shade. This is my go-to ColourPop pressed powder shadow in “Hear Me Out.”

THEN, on mobile lid, blended up past crease, and pulled out into a bit of a wing, a strong deep emerald shimmer/metallic. This is ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in “Empire,” which I haven’t worn in quite a while for some mad reason bc it’s freaking great. Be sure to pat extra on your mobile lids with a finger to make sure it’s WHOA, GREEN.

THEN, since strong-deep shades can be difficult to blend out smoothly onto nude, and also because you’re in a hurry and/or lazy and got tired of brushing back and forth and back and forth, go over the whole crease-to-browbone area with a light dusting of something golden and semi-sheer. This is ColourPop pressed powder shadow in “Game Changer,” which is a cool-toned almost greenish gold metallic, and which works great both packed on opaque or brushed on lightly. This’ll help diffuse your strong green a bit, and also hide any wonky blending.

THEN, liner and mascara, then cleanup, and then I added a little of the gold along my lower lids just for the hell of it (and also because my skin tends to look really pink on my upper and lower lids, so I always like to cover it with something). And you’re done, woooooo. Woo!

I get shy of strong lip color when I’m wearing strong eye color, so I paired this with ColourPop Ultra Blotted in “Zuma” (kinda tan/nude), and a low-key blush (Tarte Amazonian Clay in “Exposed).

Annnnd the strong green eyeshadow makes my eyes look hazel/brown there, which is weird/fun!

Have you worn a makeup? Like, lately? You should tell us about what you wore. <3