LOTRT : December 26

Hey it’s Tuesday instead of Monday because yesterday was Christmas — let’s have MAKEUP. This week, something suitable for New Year’s Eve parties or Other Celebratory Events, i.e. it is sparkly as hellllll.


That is LAYERS. Specifically, it’s a black cream shadow, with a lime shimmer shadow patted on top, and then a gold glitter patted on top of that. Here’s what they look like with just the green over the black, just the gold glitter over black, and then both together :

First, an eye primer. I used Wet N Wild, but whatever ya got.

On browbone and slightly downward, a very sheer golden shimmer. I used Diorshow Fusion Mono eyeshadow in “Mirror.”

In crease and blended upward toward brow, far enough that it’s clearly visible when eyes are open, a mid taupey grey, I used ColourPop pressed shadow in “Take The Lead.”

On mobile lid and blended up into the taupe-grey crease, BLACK. For this one, it’s best to use a cream shadow or something that really sets, since you’ll be patting other stuff on top of it.

Once your black is dry/set, get a bit (a BIT) of lime green shimmer on your finger or a soft large loose brush. I used ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in “Sour.” You want to deposit plenty of green shimmer, but not obliterate the black.

Then, it’s GLITTER TIME. Using the same technique, pat on a golden glitter. I used ColourPop Supernova liquid shadow in “Walk of Fame” (I told you I’d be using this one as an accent a lot!) because it’s sparkly AF but doesn’t have much base pigment, so it won’t totally cover my greeny-black shimmer.

Then, liner — I kept my lid line fairly narrow to avoid covering too much of my Very Exciting Eyeshadow. Pull it out into a long straight wing, and then do a short double-flicked wing along your lower lid, leaving a little space for more gold. (This is the NYX Matte Liquid liner, because it’s blacccckkkk and matte and gives the most contrast with the dark shadow.)

Do your mascara, and any cleanup necessitated by sparkle fallout. (This might be one of the few times you want to do your eye makeup — or part of it —  BEFORE you do your foundation etc. Glitter is a PITA to get off your face without disturbing other makeup. This was a “test run” really, but for actual use I’d do foundation just on my forehead and between eyes maybe so that I can do my brows, then do the eye makeup up to this point, clean up the glitterz, and THEN do the foundation on my lower face.)

Finally, fill in the gaps you left on the lower-lid flick with gold glitter. Liquid shadow on a tiny liner brush is best here, but if you’re using a powder product, mix up a bit on the back of your hand with water / setting spray / glitter primer then apply with the teeniest brush you got.

And you’re done!

Wow that is super festive. Will this be my NYE makeup? Possibly! But probably not because no doubt I’ll discover some other interesting combination before then, and also because I have a really obnoxious sequin miniskirt I might wear and this would clash like hell with it.

But anyway. How’s yer holidays so far? <3