LOTRT : December 18

YEAH it’s Monday let’s do MAKEUP. This one is suuuuuuper simple but also a lil bit dramatic :


Primer on upper and lower lids — I’m using Wet N Wild because it’s pretty damn boss and doesn’t irritate my eyes.

In crease and above, a sheerish silvery shimmer — mine has a faint lilac tone to it, and we’ll talk about it later this week.

All over mobile lid and blended into crease, a shimmery shifty sparkler with a stronger lilac hue. (This one’s one of my own concoctions, sorry!)

Liner is NYX Matte Liquid because it hasn’t failed me yet.

On lower lid and extended out under wing, the same silver-with-lilac-tint.


Blush is NARS in Mata Hari, lipstick is YET ANOTHER THING we’ll talk about later this week, hair color is the fresh Pulp Riot (or like 90% Pulp Riot) dye job I just did, which is why I felt the need to go all puuurrrrplleee with the makeup this week.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR WASHED-OUT PURPLES. Also feel free to share/discuss your own recent looks! <3