LOTRT : December 11

HEYO MONDAY let’s have some makeup.


First, since you’re planning a graphic look where precision and neatness will be important, completely forget to use an eye primer.

Then, all through crease to browbone, smear a low-key shimmer that’s A) neutral and B) not too far off your skintone. I used Armani Eye Tint in 18 Silver Mirage, which is one of my fave eyeshadows ever.

Then, using a black liner that’s easy for you to get a precise neat shape with (I used Tarte Sex Kitten stylo), do a skinny line along upper lashes, pull out into a wing, and join it up with another line just a bit above that one so you’ve got a long hollow shape. The overall size / thickness / placement is at your discretion — I made my whole wing big enough that it’d just cover the part of my mobile lid that’s visible when my eyes are open normally.

On the closed lids, mine is like this wide :

OKAY THEN, now that you’ve got your liner shape sketched in, fill the whole center area with something REAL REAL GLITTERY. I used ColourPop Supernova liquid shadow in “Moon Lit” (I told you these were a great accent!). Obviously the doefoot on those is way too fat to apply to such a small area neatly — I just pulled the wand out and and dabbed product off of it with a tiny chisel brush, which was pretty easy to fill in this line with.

THEN, because I wanted a super black matte line and Sex Kitten is neither super black nor super matte (and also because I got a little messy with the Supernova), I went back over my upper and lower line with NYX Matte Liquid Liner which I love SO MUCH.

Then mascara, and cleanup. THEN take your shimmer neutral and hit your lower lid with it, and THEN take your very-black liner and do a couple of little fake-lash flicks with it at the outer corners. THEN do your lower (and upper, if you feel like it) waterline — I used a kinda sheer black so it wouldn’t be too harsh.

And you’re done! Unless you do a full face, which in this case also involves NARS blush in Mata Hari which ended up being insufficiently purple, so you wipe that off and put on ColourPop’s Super Shock Cheek in “Rain” instead, and top it with a little highlighter (Chantecaille Petales de Rose) which totally doesn’t really show up in photos. Then put on four different lipsticks, all of which are either too pink or too dark, and then settle on Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick in “Rhubarb,” which is an ideal pink/purple compromise.

Then get really involved in trying to take some decently-lit photos that don’t make your face look weirdly lumpy / orange / etc, forget that you left a bunch of enticingly shiny small fragile makeup items sitting out and that your [borrowed] House Tiger will probably find them very interesting indeed : 

Finally, throw phone on unmade bed, accidentally taking an excellent blurry photo of your nostrils in the process, and race to shoo the House Tiger out of the bathroom. AND YOU’RE DONE.

Your makeup, show me it. Or not! Or complain about your own House Tiger!