Well I for one am more than ready to watch the screen door hit the ass of this [mostly] unspeakably awful year on its way out. But that means it’s almost New Year’s Eve, and since I’m going out for a drink or three, it also means I feel obligated to wear something Festive. Right now I didn’t sleep well and my right hip is doing a Weird Thing (wtf, did I pull something?) so what sounds “festive” to me is “velour leggings, sci-fi tee shirt, cardigan, cold pizza.” But! Probably by the time Sunday night rolls around, I’ll be all “YEAAAAH, GLITTER, LET’S DO THIS.”

And since the forecast here is like “40 degrees and maybe rain,” the Festive Ensemble might well be a sequin miniskirt … over leggings, with a sci-fi tee shirt. :|  I am a creature of habit. (At least I have more options with sparkly makeup?)

There’s also (from either TopShop or ASOS, and which I have never worn) a cropped boxy-80s-cut top covered with electric blue sequins, so that’s an option. IDK man, right now all I can think of is “should I make another pot of coffee even though it’s already 4pm?” and “maybe I’ll eat some more of the soup I made last night” and “oh fuck I forgot wet laundry in the washer AGAIN.”

WHAT’S YOUR PLAN? Dramatic festivities? Small gathering? Drinking wine on the sofa  in pajamas and watching the entire extended editions of the Lord of the Rings series (again)? (That last one sounds reaaaaal good to me right now.) (After I go put the laundry in the dryer.) <3