OH HEY WOW it’s that time again! Let’s take a look back at the last three months and make note of things that seemed fabulous and have remained fabulous and are now officially Beloved FOREVER :


ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadow in “Glass Bull” : I’ve worn this thing appx 50% of the times I’ve put on makeup since I got it. It’s SO GOOD. It can be subtle or WOO depending on how heavily you apply it and what you combine it with, it’s super smooth, wears well, and is just generally glorious. I mean, all the CP powder shadows I’ve tried so far (only eight, but that’s a pretty fair sampling) have been terrific, but this one. THIS ONE. <3 ($4-5 at ColourPop)

NYX Liquid Matte liner : Holy cow I finally found a liquid liner that’s A) easy to use, B) pretty long-wearing, C) doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes/eye skin and D) is actually TRUE MATTE OPAQUE BLACK. And it’s only like seven bucks! WHAT. ($6.99 at Ulta)

LA Colors Cheek & Lips Tinted highlighter in “Frosted” : No, I did not need another highlighter. But this one is a pure low-key shimmery white, despite its name it’s slightly less frosty than Becca Poured in “Pearl,” it’s adorably tiny and purse-appropriate, and it’s A DOLLAR. I’ve worn this more than any of my other highlighters (about eighteen of them, from RMS and Chantecaille to TonyMoly and ColourPop) since I got it. Win win win. ($1 at ShopMissA


Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel : The Exfoli-Rater series has now covered fourteen different scrape-the-top-layer-of-skin-off-your-face products, and this one is one of my top faves. It didn’t get the highest rating (a solid B), but that’s really only because it’s a whopping $55 for a two-ounce tube. But for novelty (buckyballs!) and performance (WHOA is this shit effective), I just adore it. ($55 at Sephora; or $17/.68oz)

Missha Super Aqua Peel : Yeah, another beloved gommage-type exfoliant, but this is a more “traditional” formula (no buckyballs), but it also has a little bit of extra scrubby grain to it, AND it’s under ten bucks for 3.4oz! I also love that it has a light low-key clean floral scent, as a fun change from the seemingly ubiquitous lemon/citrus scents these products so often have. ($9.81 on Amazon

Nutiva Hemp Oil : I have used this every single day since I got it, and my skin is all the better for it. Friends are probably tired of hearing about “OMG U NEED HEMP OIL, IT IS SO RAD.” But seriously? It’s so rad. Amazing moisturizer? Check! Non-comedogenic? Yup. Actually helps decrease new breakouts and speed healing of existing ones? Uh-huh. Delicious on a salad? INDEED. Expensive? NOPE! ($5.99/8oz at Amazon)

Timeless Squalane Oil : The only downside to hemp oil (it’s so good!) (SORRY) is that it’s a little too heavy to wear under makeup (tho possibly if you have dryer skin than I do and use a very light hand…). Squalane oil, however, is super light, absorbs well, is aces under makeup, and since it’s a close analogue of a substance that’s naturally occurring in your skin (squalene with an e), it’s VERY friendly and won’t cause breakouts. And! It’s not even expensive! Woo! ($11.38/2oz on Amazon)

Got any new faves from the last few months? Anything you’ve tried that we’ve talked about here? Tell me so I don’t feel like I’ve wasted nine months of my life! (I’m totally kidding!) (Also holy crap it’s been nine months?!)