OOTRT : November 30

Hey it’s Thursday, here is a thing I wore in my role as a sergeant in the most hip and glamorous scouting/expeditionary force extant :

Jeans are Hudson, jacket is some random indie brand from Anthropologie and I NEVER wear it because 1. it’s not stretchy and why do non-stretchy jackets even exist, 2. it’s wool tweed albeit fairly thin and I live in a Bloody Awful semi-tropical climate, and 3. it has goldish buttons I’m not crazy about and am too unmotivated to replace (see “wool” and “nonstretchy”). (Yet another “I really should put this on eBay” item from my closet.) GLORIOUS antique-gold metallic leather combat boots are Boemos (got ’em on sale at Yoox for … I can’t remember, but I’m pretty sure they were under a hundred bucks) and if you’re not familiar with this brand, recommended. These are sturdy and comfy and quite well made, especially for the price point. Tee is also glorious, and looks like this except it’s men’s and army green :

I mean how much do you love Brian Cox. (Omg, Brian Cox.) Goggles are vintage Harley Davidson and I know you’re jelly.

If you’ve worn an interesting (or boring! we love boring!) thing recently and feel inclined to talk about it, this would be an excellent place to do so. I’m just sayin’.