OOTRT : November 16

You guys I am so lame. I really haven’t worn anything super interesting, or if I have, I didn’t take a photo of it. SO, here’s what I wore last Friday night :

Whoa, jeans and heels. Not shown : probably a black tee shirt, ooooooo. Shoes are Miz Mooz “Tillman” heels I’ve had for like three years and worn MAYBE twice, because they only work with jeans, and only certain jeans. Despite the exciting coloration of this photo, I regret to inform you that they’re just a plain distressed grey in person, and do not have purple ground effects like your high school boyfriend’s CRX.

TO MAKE UP FOR MY LAMENESS, I offer you this humiliating frock which I MADE MYSELF when I was like NINETEEN because it was the worst fucking fabric I’d ever seen in my life (and then I trimmed it out with metallic silver ric-rac because obviously :

Sweetheart neckline, princess seams, deliberately oversized babydoll style, flippy full skirt … it is painfully 90s. Except for the actual fabric, which is like something your weird great aunt who was 100% devoted to calico and Laura Ashley would buy and make a quilt with after her transformative vacation to Maui. In my defense, I WAS nineteen AND it was like 1991, and let’s face it I had (still have) a weird sense of humor. How fortunate that I had these almost-neon-yellow leopard patent flats to go with it! (Don’t mock, they were like thirty bucks on Yoox and they’re fun and I can wear them in the rain and not worry about wrecking them.)

Please make me feel better about my life choices.