New Dye, New Hair : Pulp Riot


Blurple is high-maintenance, guys. I’ve laid off the bleach and am now only doing my roots like every three months instead of every 4-6 weeks, but I still need to re-up my actual color every month or so. Even with only washing it 3-4 times a week, non-sulfate shampoos, mostly air-drying it, etc … that shit still fades fast. SO! This time I’m trying out a new-to-me brand, which …

Pulp Riot colors come in this here cool-ish box, and run about $12-15 per 4oz tube on eBay. If you’re actually civilized, or very wary of counterfeit shiz, you can probably buy them at beauty supply stores too. But I chose to ROLL THE DICE, like the BLURPLE-HAIRED BADASS I AM.

Anyway, yeah, pretty standard so far. The scent, for those of you who’re sensitive, is something I’d classify as a “salon floral.” It’s fine, it’s not too shouty, it doesn’t stick around after you wash it out, and it’s WAY better than Perfect Intensity’s fragrance (which is loud as hell, too sweet-sour perfumey, and lingers a bit). These come in a thickish plastic squeezey tube, which has a flip-top cap instead of the more-common tiny screw on cap with a bit o’ foil that has to be punctured. This does, I think, make them slightly more user-friendly for those who don’t use a whole tube of dye at once, due to very short hair or a propensity for mixing multiple shades :

Also of note is the fact that these are 4oz each (the same size as Manic Panic) — compared to my other frequently-used brand Perfect Intensity, which run about $12 each for 3oz on Amazon. So take note if you tend to calculate your coverage needs and mixing ratios by the jar/tube.


I grabbed a tube of “Smoke,” as it looked to be a significantly deeper steely grey than Perfect Intensity’s “Chrome” color. Alas that I don’t have any of that one around to compare it with directly, but here’s a smear of Smoke :

It’s a pretty pigmented slate blue-grey with a slight greenish (rather than violet) undertone. That’s fine, and would be ideal if I were dyeing just-bleached-to-orange hair — instead, I like to use a grey shade as a mixer base when I’m not feeling like a flaming bright saturated color. It’s still got some pigment (unlike the clear mixing mediums or pastelizers) and is very much in my target color family, so I can get a toned-down blue or purple but still have plenty of pigment going, which means less frequent recoloring.

And yes, I’m one of those people who ~mix their own~ and it’s usually slightly different each time. I’ve got a janky plastic jar with a snug lid that holds probably 12oz — so each time, I just add more dye to the batch, in a kind of witch’s brew of hair paint. This round, I had about one ounce of my VERY STRONG, VERY SATURATED blue-purple blend, which was mostly Perfect Intensity Midnight Blue with a dash of Neon Purple and a tiny bit of black. I added the whole 4oz tube of Pulp Riot Smoke, plus about a half ounce-ish (aka A Large Blorp) of Manic Panic Raven (black).

Old leftover blend (accidentally rubbed it in too hard and made it look lighter, it’s actually a good bit stronger than this) , Pulp Riot Smoke, Manic Panic Raven.
Old smears wiped off, NEW SMEAR with the new blend. STRONG. SMOKEY. <3


It did pretty well! I worked it in with a color brush as per usual, plastic-wrapped it, and sat around for about two hours, then washed it out. The resulting color is PERFECTION — a dusky inky navy with a slight violet cast (rather than the greenish hue many shades of navy have). So far I’ve shampooed it maybe four times, and it doesn’t seem to be dropping color at an alarming rate — of course, with like 70% of the dye mix being a semi-sheer color like Smoke, the color that rinses out when washing isn’t going to be nearly as dramatic as it is when you’re using a super saturated mix.

Just before dyeing (late last week), and last night right before washing. Yeah, it’s nasty and raggedy lookin’ there — cut me some slack, I just got back from a walk and realized OOPS I didn’t have an “after” shot.

Here’s an outtake from Monday’s LOTRT post that’s a little more accurate (and it doesn’t look quite so ratty) :

IN CONCLUSION : VERY PLEASED. Easy to use, better scent than Perfect Intensity, holding up well so far. I definitely will use this again, and assuming it wears well over the next few weeks I’ll probably try out their deep blue and purple shades for the next dye job. WOO. SUCCESS.

UPDATE : Yeah, this “Smoke” shade performed much the same as Manic Panic “Steel Blue” and Perfect Intensity “Chrome” — i.e. it looked perfect for about a week, and faded FAST. :|

Tried it? Love It? Hate it? Got a fave brand? TELL ME.