LOTRT : November 6

WELCOME BACK TO A MONDAY with slightly unusual makeup, o joy and delight. This week, another play on simple/graphic that’s QUITE WEARABLE but also a lil bit weird. Get ready to strike a pose.


PRIMER. Or similar. I used NARS Eye Paint in pale pinky-beige Porte Venere, smeared all over lid to browbone.

Then, again with the “all over lid up to browbone,” a pale matte nude shade of your choice. I used another selection from my recently-rediscovered elderly TooFaced palettes, which is kind of a muted/dusty “ballet pink” greige shade — it’s matte, BUT it has a sparse scattering of tiny silver glitter bits in it, woo.

LINER is upper and lower waterline with a sheerish black pencil (I use my trusty Dior Waterproof for this), and then between lashes and a modest (for me) wing with a matte black liquid liner (here, NYX Liquid Matte which I super duper ultra love, and love even more for being seven bucks).

Then, mascara, and fill in your brows. You’ll want a clean crisp line on the lower edge of your brows here, in case that’s not how you usually do them.

THEN THE FUN BEGINS. Find something that’s lighter than your skin, extremely metallic/shimmery, that you can get a clean neat and opaque line with easily. (I used NARS Eye Paint in Interstellar and a very small brush.) Trace a narrowish line of that shiz right under the lower edge of your brows, and then use the same stuff to do a line and wing on your lower lid just under lashes. OH SHAZAAM, LOOK AT THAT.


I like this because it’s simple, it’s clean, it’s easy as hell, and it’s ~interesting~ but not unwearably so. Also, assuming you’re using real good long-wear stuff, it probably won’t need to be touched up throughout the day/night … but if it does, it’d be super easy. No blending required!

Also, this would be a pretty decent “transition” option, as in “I’m going to be doing a thing all day and wearing super basic makeup BUT THEN I have to go to An Event and I won’t have time to redo my whole face, ugh.” Just toss a liquid liner, a metallic, and a Dramatic Lipstick in your bag, and boom.

Also, you can easily adjust this to your coloring and preferences. I’d just keep the whole lid/crease/etc matte (a true nude for your skintone, maybe a little lighter, and possibly something a teeny bit cooler or warmer), and pick a metallic accent color that’s A) lighter than your skin and B) something you’d use as a highlighter color — silver, metallic white, pale gold, pale pink. I mean you could do this with a super pale green or blue or whatever (if you could find one light enough and in the proper formula) but that might make it more Weird than intended — less “a deconstructed play on the usual browbone highlight motif” and more “I just drew on my face.”


You’ve got a lot of leeway with this one. I paired it with a super messy updo and …

“Hi can you focus pls, jfc.”

… NARS blush in Gaiety (cool bright clear pink) and an old Dior Addict semi-sheer lipstick in Backstage (low-key plummy rose). It’d also work super well with a nude “contour” type blush and nude or strong matte red lip. I do definitely think it’s best on largely clean and kinda-matte skin — I feel like a bunch of shine or highlighter would’ve been too fussy, and additional sparkly crap would’ve diminished the impact of the sliver linear highlighter, but hey IT’S YOUR FACE, DO WHAT YOU LIKE, DOLL.

Okay tell me about your makeup, do iiiiit.