LOTRT : November 27

Sometimes I do what I think is ~dramatic~ (for me) eye makeup, and then decide it is actually insufficiently dramatic, and add another dramatic element. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES.


Primer! (I’m getting SO much better about this.)

All over browbone down toward crease, a nude matte. I used ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadow in “Hear Me Out.”

In crease and blended upwards, a matte medium-light grey. This is my R-O-D Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Mono in “Elegance.”

Then, in lower crease, blended up into the lighter grey, down onto lids, and pulled out into a wing, a deeper charcoal matte. This is Givenchy Ombre Couture in “Gris Organza.”

Then, in outer part of crease and pulled out into the lower part of the charcoal wing, straight-up matte black (which softens a bit when blended into the charcoal). This is ColourPop Pressed in “Let’s Do It.”

LINER! My beloved NYX Matte Liquid in a fairly narrow line, and pulled out into a straight low wing, so that it can join up with the outer corners of your lower lids.

On lower lids, basically the same gradient as above, only sideways : lighter grey in inner portion, blended into charcoal, then into black at the outer corners.

MORE LINER! My most durable “no it really stays there” black on upper and lower waterlines — ColourPop Cream Gel potted liner in “Swerve.”

AND THEN, because all this darkness needed a little something WOO, trace along your upper liner wing with a narrow line of something sheer and glittery — this is an old Tarina Tarantino liquid glitter liner thing, but you probably have something equally fabulous.

I promise it does not look weird and patchy like that in person. :\ WHATEVER. Anyway, this ended up being a pretty fun look, but the eye makeup was intense enough that I was leery about pairing it with an equally strong lip color, so I went with a sheerish nude-ish shimmer — YSL Glossy Stain in 106 — and a nude-ish blush.

And since this is a very badass rock’n’roll kinda look, here’s a [not] very badass rock’n’roll face :

HOW WAS YOUR WEEKEND. Did you wear makeup? I totally wore this here makeup. Let’s talk about makeup.