LOTRT : November 20

Hey there Monday, oh woo it’s makeup time! Let’s wear some green stuff.


Eye primer, duh.

Around browbone and down to crease, a nude matte that matches your skin tone. This is ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadow in Hear Me Out.

Then, just above crease, blended upward so a little of it is visible when your eyes are open, and pulled out into a long wing, a deep matte charcoal grey. I used NARS Eye Paint in Transvaal because it’s super easy to blend out smoothly and it wears really well. (It’s also currently $9.30 on Amazon, instead of the usual $25!) You don’t have to get EXTREMELY PERFECT with the blending/diffusing, because ..

Then, with a fairly loose and fluffy (just not tiny and dense) eye brush, go over the whole lid crease area with a semi-sheer shimmer, and blend it up above your charcoal a bit. This is ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadow in Tea Garden. Oooooo, look how nifty it looks over a darker color! The whisky-colored base mostly disappears, leaving a cooler-toned flashy green shimmer, to contrast with the warmer tones where it’s directly on your skin! You can pat it onto your lids with a finger for heavier coverage there, if you like.

Liner is the usual matte black flick with NYX Liquid Matte <<<333, but I started it at the center of my eyelid instead of all the way across.

Mascara, and clean up your inevitable flecks etc.

Then on lower lid, do basically the same thing you did in the crease above — charcoal grey on outer portion of lower lid pulled out into a soft wing, then go over it with the green shimmer. EASY.

Yeah, this is basically the same thing we did last week with Glass Bull, just with a much larger/stronger crease. Also, I really like mixing in a dark/cool with a light/warm to A) balance it out a little because my skin is very cool-toned and B) DRAMA.

Not shown because all the full-face photos came out looking like “why is your head like that, did something happen to you” : a pinky-nude blush, and a warm red lipstick (Bite Amuse Bouche in Maple) tho it’d also look fab with a deep muted cool mauve/plum.

Have you worn makeup lately? On your face? Did you take a photo? This would be a nice place to share it, if you’re so inclined.