LOTRT : November 13

YAY MONDAY or else ugh Monday, depending on your mood. Join me in some makeupization, won’t you?


First, primer, because you know you should. I used my usual e.l.f. Shadow Lock.

Then all over crease through brow, a matte nude that more or less matches your skintone. I used ColourPop pressed powder shadow in “Hear Me Out.”

AND THEN, let’s do some CREASE DEFINITION. I did a light scuffing of a matte deepish taupe (Givenchy Ombre Couture cream shadow in “Taupe Velours”) right in my crease and pulled it out toward the tail of my brow. THEN, with a superdark color — I used a matte black (ColourPop pressed powder shadow in “Let’s Do It”) in the same area as the taupe, but a little smaller/tighter and more concentrated toward the outer corner of my eyelid. Pull that out into a defined-yet-soft wing.

THEN, go over the whole lid from lashes up past crease and blended toward browbone with something semi-sheer and SHIMMERY. This is ColourPop’s pressed powder shadow in “Glass Bull,” which I love so much I can’t cope with it. The sheer-shimmerness will be like an ~elegant scintillating organza veil~ over your dark crease, and will also help diffuse it somewhat and make it a little less stark.

THEN, liner — this is my current fave, NYX Liquid Matte which is both liquid and matte and also fabulous. Then mascara, of course (Dinoplatz, duh).

THEN, after you clean up liner goofs and mascara flecks, do the taupe/black thing (as in your upper crease) on your lower lid, concentrating the black just at the outer corner, and then go over the whole thing with a puff of your sheer shimmer. A little black on your lower waterline is optional.

This is pretty easy, fun, not too terribly shouty, and I want to wear this eyeshadow ALL THE TIME now. Friday night it got paired with a pink blush I can’t remember (but it was probably NARS Gaiety, or possibly Mata Hari?), and Armani Ecstasy Laquer in 602 Vertigo.

We’re going to talk about this CP shadow (and three others) in more detail probably tomorrow? But in the mean time, if you feel like showing off a pic of some recent makeup, this would be an excellent place to do it.