This has been a LONG WEEK, yet also PRODUCTIVE! Ish.

Crap I have recent acquired, which you’ll hear about soon : 

Yeah, I totally got that $63 Tarte kit with seven items (six if you don’t count the makeup bag, ugh) you select yourself, and despite some of my recent Tarte Experiences (some fine, some meh), it’s not bad!

HOWEVER, I selected their Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation without looking up reviews and swatch photos first — instead, I just grabbed the lightest shade, “Fair Neutral, yeah, that’s probably right.” I’m the lightest shade in both my current foundations (even tho I’m really not at the palest end of the skin spectrum), and the pan color shown online seemed pretty good. OH BUT SURPRISE, this shit is CHALK WHITE. :( Have you used the NYX Wonder Pencils? Do you use the one called “Light” but you have to sketch it on super gently because it’s way lighter than your actual skintone? This foundation is even lighter than that :

From left : Tarte powder foundation in “Fair Neutral,” Guerlain Lingerie de Peau in 01, Clinique Even Better in 01, MUFE Full Cover Concealer in 4, YSL Touche Eclat in 2.5, NYX Wonder Pencil in Light and Medium.

Note that the inside of my arm is lighter than my face, and also this lighting makes it look pinker than it is IRL. But like I said : this stuff is WHITE. Does anyone want this? I can not use it. Did you order the same one in a too-dark shade and want to swap? I mean, it is SO LIGHT. :(  It seems really nice tho! Has great reviews! I’m going to order one much, much darker — probably Light-Medium Neutral — and compare it to a drugstore one and a Very Fancy one! Damn it, the one time I don’t look up swatches first …

ALSO, I grabbed a Wet’N’Wild eyeliner pen, as well as some of their eye primer, so those will be making an appearance soon (woo, another FaceOff!). AND, I have a NEW FAVORITE CONDITIONER, and you can get it at the DRUGSTORE, and it is AMAZING, and it DOES NOT STINK! And has no silicones! [confetti, trumpets, choir of angels shouting “wooooo” in unison]

YOUR WEEK. HOW WAS IT. Celebrate or vent, it’s up to you :