Four [More] ColourPop Shadows You Probably Need.


Yes, I have still more ColourPop stuff. No, this is not The ColourPop Channel, I swear. I just … I couldn’t just order the two liquid eyeshadows, you know? THERE’RE ALL THESE OTHER THINGS. FUN SHINY THINGS. (Also fun matte things.) Let’s look at some, yes?


Four individual pressed powder shadows, $4 each for just the pan / $5 each in individual compacts, which I’m pretty sure I can’t live without now :

Hear Me Out : A pale matte peach beige, and a great nude for those with a fair-cool skin tone. This is a bit lighter and a bit more saturated than the very similar Full Zip, which is more of a cool ivory shade which reads more “dusty straw” on my skin where Hear Me Out basically matches my eyelids :

ColourPop Full Zip and Hear Me Out
Left : Full Zip. Right : Hear Me out. Both swatched VERY heavily

Let’s Do It : A true neutral matte black, and VERY PIGMENTED INDEED. This is best used to add some deeper-darker detail to an already-darkish crease or lash line. On its own, you’re not going to get a super smooth even diffusion — it really needs a mid-toned transition shade.

ColourPop Let's Do It
Swatched heavily on bare skin, over e.l.f. Shadow Lock, diffused on its own (see how grainy?) and then blended into Hear Me Out (better but still not ideal, but I’ve had great results blending it into mid taupes and greys and such.

Glass Bull : Oh my god, I’m so buying a backup of this. If you love red-green flip duochrome type stuff but DON’T love how dark/strong they often are, or with such a ruddy-brown base? This is for you. The base pigment here is a softened mauve-ish tan shade that I want to call “whisky rose.” The soft aqua shimmer is glorious but not overwhelmingly sparkly. On its own, it’s a fabulous wash of shimmery color across lids — and it also layers beautifully over stuff. Since it reads kinda sheer, it’s wonderful to brush or pat over a more deeply shaded crease, as in yesterday’s LOTRT. Basically this is the non-glitter-bomb version of Sailor (which I also adore) and I love it forever and ever.

Colour Pop Glass Bull

ColourPop Glass Bull

Tea Garden : Another iridescent, this time with a golden-brandy base and a bright citron shimmer. WHOA IT’S PUNCHY. Performs much like Glass Bull, in that it can be a great sheer wash, packed on over primer for a bigger impact, or layered over something dark to make the green shimmer really stand out.

ColourPop Tea Garden

ColourPop Tea Garden


I’ve worn all four of these now, and they all perform to ColourPop’s usual high standards — long wear, with minimal creasing or fading. Hardcore black Let’s Do It obviously requires more careful application and more blending work, but the other three are definitely “swipe on lids with a finger and go” shades for me. See slideshow below for images of Glass Bull and Tea Garden in four kinds of light :

ColourPop Glass Bull and Tea Garden


Cooler light


Neutral Light


Warm light


Dim light / shade

Also, here’s both swatched over black, plus my emerald and royal blue Inglot cream liners :

OBLIGATORY SWATCH VIDEO : I mean how could I not.


Do you need these? (Yes you totally do.) Do you already have these? Discuss ’em or nah!