Muji Face Soap

Good Or Nah?

MUJI. Home of excellent cotton squares and sheet masks and all kinds of fabulous random containers! (Clear acrylic drawers forever and ever and ever.) And whoa, they also have skin care stuff — let’s try one and see if it’s any good (or nah).


It is “Face Soap” which is perhaps the most straightforward skincare product name I’ve ever seen, at least in these days of Sumptuous Hydrating Glycolic Glowmaster Ultra-Plush Clarifying Facial Cleansing Sorbet Whip Emulsion. Is it for your face? Yep. Is it soap? It is definitely soap. Is it fancy? Nope. It’s $12.50/6.76 ounces at Muji.


It’s quite similar to those foaming hand wash things, like from Method? It’s a bottle of thin watery liquid with a ~magical~ (not really) pump top that turns said liquid into a lathery foam as it’s dispensed. The texture is light and slippy and bubbly, and it smells … well, it smells like soap. Not artisanal lavender-cucumber blah blah, just plain ol’ unscented Ivory or something. It’s free of the usual SLS/SLeS, instead relying on potassium hydroxide (commonly known as CAUSTIC POTASH, which would be a fantastic name for a punk album) as a saponifier of the included fats (the fatty acids and a few coconut oil derivatives) — for what it’s worth, soaps made from potassium hydroxide are considered “softer” and gentler than those derived from more-common sodium hydroxide.


It’s … fine. TBH I’m not super into this. It does do a nice little lather, and it does remove makeup and clean well, and it rinses away with no residue left behind. But it also feels a little bit drying for me — and keep in mind that I have SUPER oily skin, so if it feels drying to me, someone with actually dry skin would probably be like “geez why don’t I just wash with straight LYE or something.” There’s also a “Moisturizing” version of this, which is in a standard squeeze-tube rather than a pump, but it also uses potassium hydroxide + fats/fatty acids, tho the second ingredient is glycerin. Probably would be better than this one, but for the price ($9.50 / 4.23oz) I feel like you can find something much nicer (say, the Acure Sensitive Facial Cleanser ($9.49 / 4oz) which I still adore and which actually IS extremely gentle and moisturizing.

Gratuitous macro shot.

GOOD OR NAH? NAH. It’s not terrible, but I feel like it’s a little too stripping/drying, even on my ultra-oily skin. The rest of my bottle will probably be relegated to use as hand wash. :\

Ingredients  : water, dipropylene glycol, lauric acid, oleic acid, glycosyl trehalose, potassium hydroxide, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, sodium cocoamiphoacetate, myristic acid, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, cocomidopropyl betaine, phenoxyethanol, citric acid, tetrasodium EDTA, etidronic acid, butylene glycol, sodium sulfite, polyquaternium-51, grapefruit seed extract, purslane extract, glycerin.

Tried it, or any of Muji’s other facial cleansers? Share pls!