LOTRT : October 9

HEY YEAH MONDAY. That means it’s makeup time, wooooo. Let’s have something relatively plain but also Slightly Unusual, okay? “OKAY.”


First, primer. (I used e.l.f. Shadow Lock, because it works pretty well BUT doesn’t irritate my dumb sensitive eye skin.)

All over lid and past crease, a white cream shadow or white base — I used NYX Jumbo Pencil in “Milk,” which I was probably the last person on earth to purchase after reading about it for a billion years. Pat it down to a smooth finish and blend out the edge above  your crease.

Then over the white base, pat on a shimmery white shadow. This is my elderly Tarte eyeshadow single in “Valley of the Dolls,” but you’ve probably got a white shimmer (or ten) in a palette somewhere? Pretty sure it’s a law that at least half of palettes from any given company must contain a white shimmer.

Then over that, pat an even SPARKLIER white. This is ultra-glittery ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in “Tassel,” which is mega shimmery and awesome and I love it, buuuuut it’s pretty sheer — thus the underlayer of Milk and Valley of the Dolls.

Then, liner — this is NYX Matte Liquid which has become my default liner because it’s just so good and so easy and so black. I also did a little sheer black pencil in the lower waterline because why not.

Then mascara, and mascara cleanup, and any subsequently necessary repairs to your Giant Swath Of Snowflakey White.

Under lower lashes and pulled out into a shadow wing, a soft matte taupe (or whatever) — this is ColourPop pressed powder shadow in “Take the Lead.” BTW, the It Cosmetics Smoky Liner brush #125 is GREAT for this — it feels a little bit scratchy if you press too hard, but its dense compact form and tapered tip make it GREAT for applying shadow/liner to tight areas and blending or scuffing it out smoothly.

And you’re done! It’s mod, it’s spacey (I just saw Blade Runner 2049, obvs), and it’s just black and white so you can pair it with pretty much any lip color. I went with a muddy plum-brown (ColourPop Ultra Satin in “TooLips”) topped with silver-white glitter for maximum spaceosity.

Oh also that’s NARS blush in Mata Hari and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured in Pearl. And foundation and powder and crap, of course. Here it is with blown-out DRAMA LIGHTING, which, I love how the glarey light washes out the whole white area above my eyeliner. And most of the other pale/white areas, i.e. most of my face. Oh hey what’s up Patrick Nagel, draw me like one of your nail salon girls.

THAT’S ALL FOR TODAY. For the love of all that is holy, show us your makeup (or not). WOO, MAKEUP.