LOTRT : October 23

It’s Monday, let’s draw on our faces and hope something kinda good happens.

HEY will you look at that, something kinda good happened, or at least something reasonably interesting. This is the result of 1) me going “hm what eyeshadow have I not used in a super effing long time” and grabbing one of those build-your-own UD palettes and then 2) digging an ancient — like circa 2004? — TooFaced face ‘n’ eye palette out of my Drawer Of Why Do I Still Have This and discovering therein a shadow that would go well with the first shadow I’d selected and then 3) effing up my eyeliner in a big BIG way and going “oh to hell with it I’ll just draw some squiggles.”


First, eye primer, because sometimes I like to pretend that I’ve got my shit together. I used e.l.f. Shadow Lock.

Then, on browbone and down toward crease, something that’s more or less Matte Nude for my skin tone, to make blending easier since I was gonna be using a very saturated and pigmented shadow. (This is ColourPop pressed powder shadow in Full Zip, which I would call my Ride Or Die if I were cool enough to use that phrase without sounding like a doofus, which I am not.)

Then, from crease and blended upwards and outwards, a bright mid turquoise. This is one from the elderly TooFaced palette, and it’s a sorta brightish greenish aqua with golden shimmer and it’s surprisingly really nice! WHO KNEW. Also pat some of that on the center of your mobile lid.

Then, blended up into the aqua but not so far that you obscure it all, a dark smoky teal shimmer. This is Urban Decay eyeshadow in Loaded. Continue that stuff down over most of your lid except the center part, and also sweep it out in a wing. This one’s dark, so blend blend blennnndddd.

Then, liner! I used the NYX Epic Ink, and I’ll tell you again why I don’t use this one if I’m going out : even over primer and Quite Nice Eyeshadow (not some cheap chalky powdery dusty crap), this liner pen feathered and bled like a mofo. You can’t see it too well here, but in person it was WHOA and I had to do a lotttt of cleanup and edge repair, and then I switched over to the cheapo $1 liquid liner from Starry, which is slightly harder to draw neatly with but at least it stays where I put it.  >:(

THEN, mascara! Once that’s dry and I’d done cleanup of flecks ‘n’ smudges, I used a dense pointed shader brush to smudge some of the bright turquoise along lower lash line and then some of the smoky teal just along the outer corners.

I feel like this could be a really solid starting point for an Evil Mermaid look, or possibly (with a slight alteration of the shape of the liner) Water Demon Who Really Likes Hot Rods With Flames On Them.

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