LOTRT : October 2

For this Monday’s Look Of The Recent Timeframe, we return to last Thursday’s Trash Makeup. OO, TIME WARP. To recap, my makeup stash contains a lot of “why on earth do I still own this, it is terrible” items — but one of those objectively Not Great things looks fun and so I thought I’d give it a try (again).

That’s a 15-year-old MAC eyeshadow called “Beauty Marked.” It’s also kinda crappy? I mean, it’s one of those things that looks SO EXCITING in the pan, but that excitement doesn’t translate to the skin super well. It’s a matte black base with pink-toned red pearl, and regardless of application — on dry skin, on primer, with finger, with wet brush — it’s overwhelmingly “black matte” and not really enough of the red pearl. Which, I didn’t remember this aspect of it until I tried it again yesterday; I just thought I’d kept it because it was my first and only MAC shadow, even though reddish eyeshadows aren’t my fave and I usually find them kinda unflattering on my very pink face. BUT OH WHAT THE HELL, let’s do this. I’ve also got Fyrinnae’s loose powder shadow in “Yurei’s Wrath,” which is a reddish-orange base with a red/pink/orange shimmery finish. So that’s … matchy? Ish?


First : primer. You’ll need it.

All through crease and blending out as you go up, a sheer reddish pinkish thing. This, again, is Fyrinnae Yurei’s Wrath, which applies REALLY nicely.

Then, just on mobile lid, your frustrating black-with-red-pearl shadow — again, this MAC Beauty Marked, which incredibly is still available! but if you’re into “black with red pearl,” I’m pretty sure you can find a better one than this. Actually, if I ever want to achieve something like this look again, I’ll probably just do my whole mobile lid solid black and then pat some of the Yurei’s Wrath lightly on top of it…

Then liner, and because I got annoyed trying to draw a super neat line with the MAC shadow and a dampened brush, I just continued my long wing to line the upper edge of my mobile lid too.

Then on lower lid, a deliberately smudged and patchy application of the black/red — I just got a dense pointed shader brush, moistened the tip, and smeared on a little blob under the center of my eye, and then a longer pulled-out blob toward the outer corner. Let that dry a sec, wipe the damp brush off, and use the tip to scuff it around a little bit so it looks smudgy.

A sheerish black pencil on lower waterline, plus mascara, and done!

Oh, plus NARS blush in Gaiety, and a nudeish lip liner topped with Guerlain Gloss d’Enfer (Maxi Shine) in BROWNY CLAP because HILARIOUS. Not sure what I was thinking with the hair — it was being all lank and weird so somehow I ended up with a Space Milkmaid updo? IDK, man.

The whole effect sort of reminded me of overdone superdrama eyemakeup from the 20s, which is how we end up with :

Full disclosure : I’m listening to Siouxie and the Banshees right now, so. Also yes that is totally a feather boa and an antique ivory cigarette holder (sans actual cig). (IT HAS A LION CARVED ON IT THO.)