LOTRT : October 16

Oh boy, another Monday, another Experiment In Slightly Unusual (for me) Eye Looks. This week, a couple of shades of green that I never wear and probably should because they’re fun : MINT and OLIVE. Gastronomically disastrous combo? Probably! (Definitely.) But fairly nifty for eye makeup.


All over lid and past crease, a pale shimmery mint. I swear this is the faintest, faintest green, but the color is overpowered by the SHIMMER so it looks kinda whitish. (It’s MUFE Aqua Cream in 53, which I think was a seasonal LE color?)

Then! With a kinda fluffy brush, go over that at crease line and blended upward a bit with a strong olive. This is NARS Eye Paint in Mozambique, which is SO GREAT (currently $16.29 at Amazon, usually about $25). Gently patted/blended on with a floofy shadow brush, it kind of “tinted” the underlying shimmer a strong olive — the NARS has no shimmer of its own. NEAT.

Then with a pointed smudger brush, I went back over just the bottom edge of that swath of olive green to make the lower line pretty much opaque and neat, and pulled out a bit of a wing.

Liner is my now-standard NYX Liquid Matte, which I then screwed up a little and had to go over with the Epic Ink which is not matte but that’s okay, it’s Sunday night right now and I’ve got the beginnings of a wretched head cold so today you get non-perfect liner. SORRY.

Then mascara and the inevitable cleanup, and then take that pointy smudger brush again and add a little of the NARS olive to lower lid, and you’re done! Then take a bunch of photos and wonder why all your [scanty] eyebrow hairs keep wanting to go in different directions.

Ooooo, so green, so shiny. OH, also, if you’re feeling super dramatic you can do what I did and when you’re smudging / rubbing on your initial Minty Shimmer? Continue that shit down past the edge of your eye and onto your upper cheekbone instead of highlighter. SASSY. (Also eliminates one makeup step, hell yeah.)

Have you worn makeup lately? Did you take a picture of it? You should totally take a picture of your makeup and post it here. Just for fun. No pressure!