I’m Sick As Hell : Here’re Three Things That Make Me Less Miserable

I know, I shouldn’t complain — it’s only a head cold, and in fairness, I haven’t had one in like two years. BUT STILL. Ugh, uggghhhh. I’m bad at self-care, so all I want to do is eat garbage and read, preferably in a horizontal position. Here’re a few (non-medicinal!) things that’re making this bullshit day slightly more tolerable :


I’m from the south, so yes, I’m an iced tea addict. Yes, with sugar. No, not with the levels of sugar found in the “sweet tea” in a deep south fast food joint (pro tip : ask for half sweet / half unsweet, lest you risk hyperglycemia). ANYWAY. Fancy teas are my jam, and jasmine is my long-time fave. They’re usually jasmine-infused green teas, but you can find jasmine black as well. If it’s your jam as well, it might be worth trying to track down this stuff from Roland, which is both one of the best jasmine teas I’ve ever found (with actual jasmine flowers in it!) AND it comes in a super cute tin :


On the “can find it at one of the fancier local groceries” front, Triple Leaf’s jasmine green is quite respectable, and actually tastes like jasmine, rather than “vague fruity floral” as so many of the grocery store ones do. (It’s $18 or so for a six pack of 20-bag boxes on Amazon.)


When you’re spending much of the day in bed, it’s tremendously pleasing (or at least slightly less miserable) if that bed smells nice. I bought this Caldrea stuff on a lark while ordering some of their laundry stuff in the same scent, and I’m SO glad I did. Does the scent linger for hours and hours? No. But that’s fine, because it gives me an excuse to spray it again, and unlike perfume it won’t hang around for days i.e. past the time when I’m tired of it and want something different. “Black Coriander Lime” smells … well, not really like either coriander or lime to me, but it is a gloriously clean fresh botanical kind of scent and I’m SUPER down with it. (This particular scent is maybe discontinued right now? GRRR. But they’ve also got Sea Salt Neroli, Rosewater Driftwood, and newish Daphne Feather Moss and Gilded Balsam Birch which I REALLY need to try. The linen spray is a quite-reasonable $10/16oz on Caldrea.com if you can’t find the line locally, and there’s free shipping on orders over $50, so maybe treat yourself to some nice detergent and hand soap?)


This is a dopey plastic bottle opener I’ve had for like fifteen years and it’s one of my favorite things in the whole world. Look at him! LOOKIT HIS FAAAACE.

Specifically, this is a “Diabolix” bottle opener by Alessi, storied Italian maker of all kinds of fabulously cool/delightful housewares. For real, Alessi is legit — they’ve been around since the 1920s, frequently collaborate with noted designers and architects (Graves, Starck, Hadid, etc), and have pieces in actual museums. Is the Diabolix a museum-quality piece? In my considered and very scholarly opinion, fuck yes. This ridiculous thing makes me smile every time I use it, and I swear I can’t pick it up with out making it “dance” and going “LA LA LAAAA.” Today he (his name is Doofus) opened a bottle of cream soda for me, and I grinned despite feeling like shit. Even editing the damn photos, I’m smiling back at my screen. I mean look at him. (The adorable lil Diabolix demon-spook also comes in black, red, blue, yellow, and green, and is about $17-20 on Amazon. Don’t get the green, it’s a horrible 1980’s “jade” and ew. The blue is glorious, tho, and the yellow is also fab. Yeah, I’ve bought quite a few of these as gifts.)

Are you sick too? I hope you’re not sick too, because it sucks. What makes you feel marginally better when you ARE?