Glitter Gradient NAIL DRAMA

It’s the weekend, let’s have FANCY NAILS. We did a nude-glitter-gradient look a while back (actually a long while back), but this time we’re going with something a little punchier, just to show that it’s still possible!



* Two coordinating (ish) sheer (ish) glitter polishes. One should be in a shade which doesn’t contrast TOO much with the color of your nail beds — I’m using Butter London “Tart With A Heart” — and the other can have much stronger-toned glitters and sparkles, but the base should still be fairly sheer / not too pigmented.

* Top coat(s) of your choice. I use a thick smoothing topcoat similar to Gelous, and follow it with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.

First, use the lightest/sheerest glitter polish — like with the nude glitter gradient mani, the easiest way to get a smooth fade (without using extra tools) is to wipe much or most of the polish off the brush, hold the brush vertically, start at nail tips and tap/dab polish on. You should end up with it slightly denser toward the tips, less dense as you approach your cuticles. I left the very bottom-most part of my nails pretty much bare (other than my usual Nailtiques base coats).

Then with your darker glitter polish, do the same tapping application process, but stop the color about halfway down the nail. If you get it a little too heavy where it needs to be sheer, just pat it with a fingertip to lift up a little of the color/glitter.

After the first coat of the stronger color, it should still look fairly sheer and sparse.

Then do a second coat with the stronger glitter polish, concentrating on getting it pretty solid at the tips, and only extending about 1/3 of the way down the nail.

AND THEN, once it’s dry, add your usual top coat(s) and you’re done! WOO THAT WAS SO EASY.

Okay truth time : I actually did this manicure LAST weekend, and just took it off last night … and replaced it with another of the exact same thing in shades of teal instead of wine. :\  In a rut send help pls.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Show us yer nails! SHOW US THEM.