Friday Open Thread


What I’ve learned this week : 

Being sick frakking sucks. I mean, I did already know this, but it’s been at least two years since I’ve had a Horrible Dire Head Cold Of Abject Misery, so this week served as a very unpleasant reminder. (I’m mostly better now! FINALLY.)

ALSO, I discovered that squalane oil is quite nice as a body moisturizer! My face tends to be super oily, but the rest of me? If I don’t put on moisturizer after showering, in a couple of hours I’ll be ITCHY. Despite the fact that squalane oil is comparatively light and absorbs pretty fully and isn’t occlusive, it’s totally effective! Probably not sufficient on ultra-dry winter skin, but maaaabye great for layering, esp if you’re sensitive to coconut oil?

ALSO, I discovered that squalane when accidentally used in a too-large quantity is NOT a good leave-in conditioner for hair. :(  Ugh, soooo greasy. [Maybe just a tiny tiny bit on dry ends is okay?]

BUT, I discovered that adding a little squalane to your normal rinse-out conditioner IS helpful! I used my normal amount of Acure Clarifying Conditioner (a healthy heaping tablespoon or so?) and added about half a dropper of squalane oil to it and mixed it in my hands before applying and, yep — that makes a difference! So if you’ve got a not-sufficiently-moisturizing conditioner in your stash, give it a whirl.

ET VOUS? How’s your week been? Any interesting discoveries? (They don’t have to involve head colds or squalane.) Any fun weekend plans? Discuss!