Skin79 BB Cream : Finch

When Collier sampled a new bb cream, she sent me the following (abridged) review: “This bb cream broke me out like a mo-fo. You should TOTALLY try it.” So I logged onto Amazon and bought it, of course. [Ed.: See, we’re both nuts — it’s not just me.] $13.97 netted me approximately 1.41 oz of bb cream, if my ‘grams to ounce’ calculator is correct.

It comes packaged in a hot pink cylindrical pump with a cool dispensing mechanism — the entire top is a giant button, and pressing it down all the way nets more bb cream than I need for my entire face. That’s probably a good thing, since this is one of those foundations that I definitely need to bring all the way down my neck and a little behind the ears; while the shade is pretty good, the undertones are far more beige-y than I am (I have very yellow undertones and very pink overtones — this is weirdly cool-grey-tan).


Texturally, this bb cream is far thicker than others I’ve tried, and almost sticky; but still, the application and finish are top-notch — it settles down to a truly skin-like finish (not dewy, not matte; somewhere in the ‘hydrated satin’ vicinity) and has such a flexible elastic texture that it truly moves with one’s skin. There is a bit of a trade-off — I can definitely feel it on my skin while I’m wearing it. But it doesn’t look mask-like, doesn’t cake up, and provides medium-full coverage with very little effort. (It will look Wrong if you layer too much though, so start with less than you think you need and build it up.) After much experimentation with fingers and various brushes and sponges, I’ve found that a damp real techniques sponge definitely provides the most even finish — this stuff is thick enough that a brush can leave brushstrokes, and fingers can result in an uneven application. I get a solid eight hours of wear out of this, and it wears off evenly after — no weird dissolved patches or settling into wrinkles.


Unlike Collier, I’m not generally sensitive to various ‘cones. Everything else? Oh, absolutely. I’m in acne hell right now, thanks to hormones (and spending too little time on Accutane, it would seem). When I DO get acne in response to silicones, though, they always take the same form: clusters of tiny, hard, open comedones near the corners of my lips.

Aaaaand … yep, that’s what happened this time. I didn’t get any immediate, all-over acne; but after three or four days in a row of testing this, I started to notice those tell-tale little zits near my mouth. They’re not big or painful or red or particularly noticeable, though, so I’ve just been extracting them — I really like wearing this bb cream, and (given how nasty the rest of my face is) I’m willing to make that trade-off right now.

THE VERDICT : GOOD! If you think the color might work for you, and you’re not uber-sensitive to silicones, this might be an awesome (and cheap!) foundation option for you. It does a lot to make my dry-combo, acneic, hyperpigmented skin look like healthy skin, and I’d gladly pay a lot more than $14 for a foundation that manages to accomplish THAT miracle.

Tried it yet? Plan to? Discuss!