OOTRT: September 28: COSPLAY FUN

Welcome to Thursday, aka The Day In Which We Run “Outfit Of The Recent Timeframe”!

As you might recall, last week was my local Comic Con. While I did not cosplay this time — unless one considers my go-to sweater and old jeans a “costume,” which, okay — I loved being surrounded by folks whose creativity (and sometimes budget of time/money) made for some pretty dang awesome cosplay.

For example:

Here’s Cool Friend Sarah as Princess Anastasia (from the 1997 non-Disney cartoon, aka The One Where You Probably Developed A Crush On The Cartoon Love Interest; It’s Okay, I Won’t Tell). I love how the added layers of multicolored tulle make it even more floaty and princess-y than the vaguely-uptight screen version. Excellent cosplay, Cool Friend Sarah!

Did you wear anything this week you want to show off? Doesn’t have to be a costume (but it TOTALLY can be)! Or, if you want to be the featured photo in next week’s OOTRT — and I would very much love it if you do want to — send an email and we’ll make it happen!