LOTRT : September 11

Another Monday, another Look Of The Recent Timeframe. This week, let’s shake things up in two different ways — limiting the color palette to light warm bronzey goldish neutrals (which I never wear) and doing a strong underwing but almost no upper line (ditto). WHOA, CRAZY.


On mobile lid and up through crease to browbone, a light shimmery bronze-camel kinda thing. This is MUFE Aqua Cream in shade 13.

In crease and pulled out into a long flare kinda deal, a very similar color that’s just a shade or two darker. This is e.l.f.’s Smudge Pot in “Cruisin’ Chic.”

On lower lid, a haphazard smudge of the lighter bronze.

THEN. Upper tightline and a narrow above-lash line with a tiny tiiiiny wing. This is the NYX Epic Inc pen-style liner, which was not the best choice here as it’s kinda shiny and it tends to creep around on my skin texture a little so the lines’ edges aren’t as crisp as I’d prefer.

THEN! A BIG HONKIN’ WING across lower lid, with the bulk of the weight concentrated at outer corners of eyes, and a slight upward cant on the end. If this seems a bit too stark (it did for me), you can add a more sheer black to your waterline (I used my crappy ol’ Dior waterproof pencil for this purpose, as it’s not super opaque but it DOES wear pretty well).

Mascara, brows, etc, and you’re done! P.S. I typed “dong” instead of “done” there and I almost let it stand. HEY YOU ARE DONG, HUZZAH.

ALSO, this “look” (such as it is) involved peachy blush that’s about as orange as I can go without looking like my face is dirty (Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blush in “Captivating”) and Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in “Moonstone” as highlight and ColourPop’s Ultra Blotted Lip in “Zuma.” Which I actually love way more than I thought I would, so. Yay!

As usual, highlight isn’t showing up much and bangs are covering most of eye area. But, I don’t look angry/wasted in this photo, which is about as good as it got today.