LOTRT : Sept 18

Another Monday, another Look Of The Recent Timeframe. But this Monday is slightly different, because A) I’m wearing a new and effing terrible lime green eyeshadow and B) I am now 45 years old, which NO IS NOT TOO OLD FOR LIME GREEN EYESHADOW, TYVM. Let’s check this weird shiz :


First, apply a shadow primer all over lid and up through crease area, even though it ends up not helping at all. (I used e.l.f. Shadow Lock, which is great but no match for this limey trash.)

Then, all over lid and barely past crease then pulled out into a VERY long diffused smear, a sheerish shimmery lime green. This is some Kleancolor garbage that I’ll be talking about in the next few days; you probably do not need it. Besides, you’ve likely already got a shimmery lime or acid yellow that was the one Weird Color included in a palette and you’ve never used it.

On lower lid, a matte dove grey, blended out well at the lower edge. This is Armani Eye & Brow Maestro in 08 Greige, which I looove.

LINER, WOO. Upper waterline, between lashes, and a long thin line pulled out to a straight wing that gets fatter toward the corners. THEN, pull the lower edge of that wing line down much lower than usual, and extend it out into an offset lower liner kinda thing with a cutout/notch in it.

Disclosure : Okay I was trying a new cheapo liquid liner, and it’s the kind that has a wand-and-brush EXCEPT it wasn’t actually a brush OR even a felt tip thing — it was just a vaguely stylus-shaped bit o’ hard plastic there, and wtf? anyway, I screwed it up royally trying to get the lower edge of my outer left wing into “appx kinda straight” territory, didn’t feel like trying to remove it, so just incorporated my “oh whoops damn it” into the design, switched to the NYX Epic Ink liner, and tried to match the other side. ~HAPPY ACCIDENTS~ as approved by Bob Ross (I should’ve turned them into happy lil trees).

Then mascara, and maybe a low-key browbone highlight, a sheer black on lower waterline, and you’re done!

UNLESS you’re doing the whole rest of your face, in which case you decide on your default peachy-pink blush (Japonesque Velvet Touch in 01), a sheer pearly-white highlighter, and then a slightly incongruous yet DRAMATICALLY AUTUMNAL lipstick (YSL Rouge Pur Couture matte in 602).

Bonus points if you had your hair twisted up in a tight knot all night and now it’s doing a Giant Fuzzy 1980s thing. Even more bonus points if you look at the subsequent photos and realize that wow, yeah, it’s definitely time to bleach the roots and re-dye. :|

YOUR TURN. SHARE YER MAKEUP. Or whatever. It’s Monday, just talk about whatever. I’m listening to the Beastie Boys and editing photos, pls entertain me.