Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask

Glossier describes their Moisturizing Moon Mask ($22/3 oz) as “the most intensely hydrating treatment we could make,” promising to plump skin, smooth fine lines, brighten, and restore elasticity. It includes a bevy of ingredients I’ve come to know and love over the years — sweet almond oil, shea butter, aloe, honey, hyaluronic acid. So far, so good.

But when I actually put it on my face, I couldn’t get over how SILICONE-y the stuff feels. Seriously, the translucent white goo looks and feels JUST like a hydrating silicone-based primer does; and sure enough, the full ingredients list has dimethicone as the second ingredient (after water), with cyclopentasiloxane (Collier’s favorite*) and cyclohexasiloxane in the upper half of the ingredients list. If your skin breaks out easily, is sensitive to silicone, or is naturally oily, you can probably stop reading this review now. This product is not for you. The end. But if your skin is bonkers dry and you don’t have a silicone sensitivity, great! Read on! …

Because this mask does a DARN good job moisturizing skin. It’s at least as good in the ‘hydrating’ department as the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask, which you may recall is the one mask that managed to seriously hydrate and soothe my red, peeling, painfully wretched Accutane skin. But while that one is a thickly creamy base with a comforting vanilla-oatmeal smell, this is a smooth, slippery goo that smells faintly of “plant” (I don’t know what else to call it — not green, definitely not floral, but just kinda … ‘plant’). Glossier suggests leaving it on for twenty minutes; I tested at five (just in case) and found my skin noticeably hydrated and smooth after just those five minutes. Subsequent tests — the full twenty suggested minutes/an entire episode of “Dexter”/the time it took to do a full mani-pedi/as a follow-up to clay masks — suggested that it does hydrate more the longer you leave it on. If you were a really crazy person — and I personally wouldn’t do this, because I find the texture a bit odd — you could probably wear it as an overnight mask (or mix it into your nighttime moisturizer). Granted, it IS kinda gooey and really doesn’t sink in, so you’d need to be a back-sleeper, but you’d probably wake up with World-Record Hydrated Skin.

My favorite way to use this is the way Glossier suggests — as a chaser to their Mega Greens Galaxy Pack. I don’t find the Galaxy Pack particularly drying in the first place (probably why I like it so much — a non-drying clay mask! huzzah!), but following a clay mask with this hydrating goo feels awfully indulgent. Have I noticed any brightening or fine-line-erasing? Nope. But my skin LOOKS more hydrated, which also means a little plumper, which also means a little more youthful. I’ll let it slide.

THE VERDICT : GOOD. Though I still reach for my First Aid Beauty Oatmeal Mask over this one — I prefer the creamy texture and home-y scent — the Moon Mask is a great product. I both tested it before I finished Accutane and have been playing with it since; and though I no longer need the same degree of soothing/moisturizing properties I did back then, this still performs well on my identity-crisis combination skin.

*if by “favorite” we mean “sworn enemy”

Tried it yourself? Good or nah?