Glitter Lips, Because FALL DRAMA

A while back, we looked at what happens when you pat a highlighter over almost-set matte liquid lipstick (spoiler: awesome happens). This time, we’re skipping all the assorted talc and mica and binders and so forth found in highlighters and going straight to UNCUT GLITTER. YEAH.

RUBY LIPPERS (SORRY). MUFE Aqua Rouge in 08 plus red microglitter.


A matte liquid lipstick in the color of your choice. You’ll want the kind that dries down to a paint-like finish and doesn’t transfer much, if at all — I tried this with my usual three fave formulas : ColourPop Ultra Matte, Models Own Lix Matte, and MUFE Aqua Rouge.

GLITTER. Any kind of loose cosmetic glitter, or even craft glitter in a super small size (the red used below is a .004 hexagonal polyester glitter). You can coordinate it with your lipstick and use a matching hue a shade or two lighter, or go for CONTRAST.

A small loose fluffy brush, like a small shadow brush or paint brush

Tissues or cotton pads for wiping glop off  your finger

Masking tape

Setting powder

ModelsOwn Lix Matte in Raspberry Mojito plus hot pink microflake glitter.


Do your foundation etc as usual. Apply plenty of extra setting powder. This will make it much, much easier to brush off excess glitter later on.

Apply your matte liquid lipstick as quickly as you can without making a mess, or doing what I did and momentarily losing your grip on the frakking wand (HOW? I’M STONE SOBER) and drawing a stripe of maroon across your chin, foolishly thinking “oh I’ll just quickly wipe it off before it sets,” smearing it everywhere, and having to take all your makeup off and start over again like some kind of damn amateur.

Give your lipstick a few seconds to start setting, but don’t let it set completely. The idea here is to have a surface that still tacky/grippy, but not so wet that every time you touch it your finger pulls up lipstick.

Hold your lips open and taut, dip a finger pad in your glitter, and gently pat it on. To minimize mess / smears : 1) start at the outer edges of your lips and work inwards, so if your finger does pick up a little lipstick you won’t accidentally transfer it outside your lipline, and 2) after you dip your finger and pat a couple times, WIPE THE FINGER OFF ON THE TISSUE before you dip back into the glitter. Make sure you cover all areas, and it’s okay if you get it a little too thick.

Let your lipstick dry/set alllllll the way, bend over or tilt your head so you’re facing straight down, and very very gently brush your lips with a fingertip or, preferably, the small very loose and floppy brush to remove any glitter that isn’t firmly adhered. You don’t want that stuff falling all over your chin later.

THEN, clean that brush (or grab another) and use it to brush away any bits of glitter which you might have definitely have gotten all over your face. If there’s still a few specks of loose sparkles floating around there, tear off a piece of masking tape to make an inside-out loop around two or three fingers, and gently pat to pick up those stray glitter bits.

And you’re done! OMG IT’S SO SPARKLY. 

FAVORITE. Finch calls this “slowly dying due to a glittery fairy curse” which is 100% accurate. ColourPop UltraMatte “Avenue” topped with sheer blue opalescent sparkles.


Not really? For me it feels not much different than the matte liquid lipstick on its own — vaguely dry, and you can’t rub your lips together. It also lasts pretty well for me! Granted, this is not ideal for “I’m going to a fancy event that is seven hours long and includes lots of eating.” I mean, you can certainly wear it for that kinda thing, but throw a couple cotton pads with makeup remover on them in a ziploc and stash in your bag so you can strip this off after it gets manky or too patchy…and either redo it or just replace with the matte lipstick on its own, or whatever else you feel like wearing. If I were at a seven-hour event, I would probably remove it and replace it with a tinted sheer, because by hour five there’s a good chance I’m gonna be pretty well lit up, and I’ve learned that Tipsy AF + Drama Lipstick is a dangerous combo for me (and my walls, and door frames, and light switches). I’m gonna wear this tonight or tomorrow for Festivities (i.e. Going To The Bar) and see how it does, because I love you guys enough to risk making a gigantic fool of myself in public.


Because sparkles are funnnnn, and because you can. Also, I personally feel like metallic matte lipsticks leave a lot to be desired in the “ooo, wow” metric, and because the couple of new glittery-lips products (Ciate Glitter Flips, Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick metallics) look pretty lackluster to me. I also don’t really feel like paying for a $100+ Pat McGrath kit, and I don’t want a glittery gloss because A) not enough glitter and B) my hair will be stuck in it all night, plus the wear is crap. This is a pretty great compromise — not super comfy (but most liquid mattes aren’t really “comfortable” anyway), but long wear, and MAXIMUM GLITZ.




Love it, hate it, think I’ve lost my mind, gonna go dig through your stash for suitable products right now? DISCUSS.