Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte Sunscreen

Good Or Nah?

Last week, I reviewed the Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Sunscreen. In case you missed it, my take was basically “this is the WORST and you should not buy it.”

While I was right about how you should maybe think twice before buying it — unless you like expensive, greasy-textured sunscreens that look nasty and screw with any foundation you might try to layer on top of it — I was wrong about it being The Worst.

THIS is The Worst.

In response to my suspicion that the DE Sunscreen — with its 20% zinc oxide — would have something of a white cast on dark skintones, and probably a white flashback on ANY skintone, Drunk Elephant released this tinted version. Per them, “Umbra Tinte™ delivers essential moisture and helps minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking healthy and youthful. This unique physical formulation is ideal for daily use and won’t leave any white residue or greasiness. With a flattering tint, it is ideal for light to dark skin tones and leaves the complexion gorgeous and glowing.” It’s $36/2 oz (versus the untinted $34 — I guess tint is $2/bottle. Who’d’ve thought?)

Alright, let’s break it down.

“Delivers essential moisture”: sure, if by “essential moisture” you mean “hella greasy-lotion feel.” Is my skin moisturized? Probably. Would my skin ALSO be moisturized if I covered it in lard? Also probably. Is either the ideal texture for face application? Nyope.

“Helps minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles”: So … my skin is NOT being cooperative right now. I’m blaming the whole “I’m no longer on Accutane and I probably should still be on Accutane, given that pimples are popping up like crocuses in spring” thing. But trust me when I say that my bare face looked way better than my post-tinted-sunscreen face — my undereyes somehow looked even more bruised and jaundiced (how?!), and the tint definitely did not diminish the fact that I have impressive-for-my-age undereye fine lines. (And no moisturizer is going to touch my deep forehead lines or nasiolabial folds.)

“A flattering tint … ideal for light to dark skin tones”: I have a light skin tone. I’m relatively tan at the moment, and have had to switch up my foundations accordingly, but I still feel comfortable speaking for the fair ladies when I say that this isn’t gonna work for you.  This is darker than my tanned skin, and has an odd orangey-beige tone to it that makes it look like I applied a greasy liquid bronzer. It’s not a good look.

“Leaves the complexion gorgeous and glowing”: Well, this does leave me ‘glowing,’ if by ‘glowing’ you mean ‘shiny.’ Unfortunately, I would not say this gives me a ‘gorgeous’ complexion, either; despite the wash of unnatural color, it has virtually NO coverage — so my many spots are as apparent (more apparent?) after than they were before. I’m thinking the shininess draws attention to them. No bueno.

Texturally, this is THE WORST. I mentioned the greasiness (a few times, probably, because IT IS BAD), but I didn’t mentioned the dealbreaker — IT PILLS WHEN YOU TRY TO RUB IT IN. This leads to an uneven application, since I tend to stop rubbing as soon as I can feel it balling up underneath my fingers. (For the record, I was wearing nothing — not even moisturizer — on my face when I started applying this. It’s not an interaction with anything on my skin.) You can see on my cheekbone a tiny splotch of un-blended tint, because I wasn’t about to rub it up into nasty little texture pills. *shudder* (I wiped it off after the photo.)

After powdering the heck out of my face — a week’s worth of using this sunscreen and I’ll have hit pan on my rarely-used setting powder — and applying some bronze-y blush and mascara, my face looks okay enough to go out in public. (I didn’t dare try layering foundation over this one, given my experience with last week’s iteration.) Still, I’m not happy. NOT. HAPPY.

THE VERDICT : BIG NAH. Avoid this. It’s The Worst.

Tried it? Love it or nah? Got a fave broad-spectrum tinted moisturizer? Discuss!