Friday Open Thread : Nostalgia Edition

This week I was testing out a new lip balm for Battle of the Balms (spoiler alert: not a giant fan), which got me thinkin’ about the lip balm whose taste, smell, texture, and overall everything-ness was pure perfection:

Nivea A Kiss of Cherry.

It still exists — nominally — but they dramatically changed the formula a few years back. Before, it was the perfect combination of moisturizing and softly waxy, with a balmy red tint like just-bitten lips and the best cherry popsicle taste known to man. (Not the syrupy cough-medicine kind of cherry; the juicy, “let’s grab a popsicle out of the fridge and go play on the swingset” kind of cherry.) Now, it’s slick and thin and contains shimmer and is just a big ol’ mess. (The smell is actually pretty good even now, but it’s not the same.)

I may have mentioned this product before on this blog — but if not, heaven knows I’ve mentioned it all over the interwebs, because I keep hoping some exec at Nivea will eventually stumble across one of these posts and think, “Heck, let’s reintroduce that formula, I can count on at least $100 from this chick alone.”

Though the odds are good that I simply need to Let This One Go, I will always, always, hope for the return of this product. Never give up; never surrender. (Or something like that.)

I may be alone in the specific product whose discontinuation has caused me deep and endless grief, but I’m sure I’m not alone in being bummed about DC’d products. Do you have any discontinued products for which you are hopelessly nostalgic?

Alternately, feel free to bring up whatever’s on your mind — beauty stuff you’ve purchased or tried, how your week is going, what your weekend looks like, whatever.