OOTRT: August 17

So yeah, though I love my shoulders (THEY HAVE FRECKLES!) (okay, they have precancerous sunspots, but we’re going with ‘freckles’), I’m not too certain about this whole cold-shoulder trend ON ME. No one would accuse me of being ~Bohemian~ or ~free spirited~ or ~romantic~. But Mr Finch forbade* me from returning this dress when I tried it on, so … I have a romantic-ish, Bohemian-ish, cold-shoulder-ish dress now?

Anyway, it’s a cute dress — even if one of our previous OOTRT-ers would probably rock it better — and makes me feel all summery and floofy and pretty, so … yay? And yeah, part of my brain is screaming “THIS DRESS IS ILLOGICAL. IT SIMULTANEOUSLY HAS NO SLEEVES AND VOLUMINOUS SLEEVES,” but I’ve had a lot of success overriding the logical part of my brain lately.

*I mean, I could return it and it would not affect the strength of our relationship or anything, but he had strong positive opinions about this one. (And amusingly, it was Mr Finch who figured out what the heck I was supposed to do with the strappy bits and neckline when they had me completely baffled.)

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