LOTRT : August 7

HAAAAAY it’s Monday and another Look Of The Recent Timeframe, complete with inappropriate capitalization of prepositions and definite articles. We’re going to continue the “inappropriate” theme and use MIXED METALS in our look, too : platinum, bronze, and acid gold. Tacky, yet kinda glorious!


All over upper lid and through crease, a paleish platinum shimmer. This is Armani Eye Tint in 18 Silver Mirage, which I love LOTS AND LOTS, IT’S SO GOOD.

Line upper waterline, between lashes, and above them in a kinda-fat line that extends out into a medium flick. Or a big flick! Find you bliss, pal. This is, again, the very-easy-yet-badly-wearing NARS stylo thing which you neither want nor need.

THEN do mascara and clean up the stupid flecks you get everywhere (or at least I do). This is Guerlain’s OG Maxi Lash in the flat gold tube.

Below lower lashes, smudge on a bright gold shimmer/metallic. This is ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadow in Telepathy, which has a teeny bit of green in it to make it more of an “acid gold” but it’s bosssssss. Pull that out into a straight low underwing. Just above that, packed into lower lashline and then diffused into the gold, a shimmery bronze. This is Fiona Stiles Radiant Aqua Eye Veil in Galaxy Way. Pull that out into a flick likewise, crisp on top and smudged into the gold on bottom.

This one has kind of weird lighting but it *does* show the colors of the gold and bronze much better.

THEN add a little more mascara on your bottom lashes because you got gold sparkles all over them, ugh, damn it.

ALSO hit the lower waterline with a black pencil or cream liner or whatever will stick there. This is the loathsome NARS one again, yay! It sucks! But it stays okay-lookin’ for long enough to do pics, so whatever.

And you’re done! WOW THAT WAS EASY.


Your turn! Show us your makeup! Today’s, last week’s, some shit you wore in 10th grade, we’re not picky.