LOTRT : August 28

Okay so obviously I watched the season finale of  Game of Thrones last night and HELLO I AM AN ICE DRAGON NOW.

I know, I know, according to the expanded mythos/canon found in supplementary materials, Ice Dragons are A THING and they are NOT what Viserion is but I don’t care because ICE DRAGON.

Whatever. Here is some makeup.


In high crease area up to browbone, a pale dove grey that you can blend other stuff into. This is, as always, D&G Perfect Mono Cream Shadow in 80 “Elegance.”

On mobile lid (yeah I didn’t do this in any particular order), a creamy sticky white base, so obvs NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil thing in Milk. Pat it around to blend/smooth it.

On inner and outer corners of mobile lid, a silvery-grey-aquaish shimmer. This is Morgana Cryptoria shadow in “Icy Hemlock” but you’ve probably got something that’ll work. On center portion of mobile lid, a lighter bluer shimmer. This is My Pretty Zombie loose powder shadow in Custom Zombie, which is not currently available, but you probably have something just as good anyway. BESIDES, after I put it on I decided it was a little too aqua-leaning, so I patted a bit of blue highlighter over it (Looxi pressed highlighter in “Luna”).

Juuuust above crease (so it’ll show when your eyes are open at their normal position), blend a stripe of charcoal grey — it should transition into the dove grey everywhere EXCEPT the outer edge, which you can pull out into a soft-ish high wing. I used Givenchy Ombre Couture cream shadow in Gris Organza. Then, pat/brush/scuff on a very very sparkly gunmetal silver shade. This is ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in “Krinkle” (also discontinued, OF COURSE, but you’ve prolly already got a glittery charcoal/silverish shade).

THEN, on lower lid, a big smear of the white NYX pencil, and top with your light blue(s) as on upper lid. THEN, just along outer lashline, a smudge of charcoal.

LINER, WOO. This is the dumb NARS one again which you do not need. I did a narrow upper line just on the outer half of lid (to avoid covering/detracting from the icy blue lid action) and pulled out into a low wing that rests on top of the charcoal smudge from earlier. Do basically the same thing at the very very outer edge of lower lid to join it up.

Then mascara, and you’re done! And brows, you know. And whatever else you feel like doing.

BONUS : add more of the blue highlighter where highlighter usually goes, and a metallic charcoal lipstick. THEN spread your hair out all crazy on your duvet cover like an Underwater Dead Thing because that’s a GREAT idea, but then ruin all the photos by being unable to keep a suitably-serious Underwater Dead Thing straight face. But definitely don’t actually smile because charcoal lipstick makes your teeth look hideously yellow.

YOUR TURN. SHOW US YOUR MAKEUP. Or just talk about Game of Thrones (WINTERFELL GIRLS 4 LIFE).