LOTRT : August 21

Because I’m a cheezy dork, today you get ECLIPSE-INSPIRED EYEMAKEUP.  (Wow, so imaginative.) Whatever, it was fun, okay? Let’s get this shit done :


Through crease to brow, a matte nude shadow that matches your skin tone, so that you can blend stuff into it cleanly. This is ColourPop’s pressed powder shadow in Full Zip.

From crease upwards toward browbone, a matte charcoal grey in whatever type or formula you can get to sheer out nicely into a smooth fade upwards. This is my standard Givenchy Ombre Couture cream shadow in Gris Organza. (This one is much drier and stiffer than NARS Eye Paint in Transvaal, so it’s easier to get a clean gradient with.)

On lid and up into crease, a matte or satin or slightly shimmery black shadow. This is (discontinued, of course — what, are you new here?) Sephora Prisma Chrome shadow in Black Diamond. I mean, you could hunt it down on eBay or something, but you’ve probably got a black shadow that’ll work just fine.

THEN, carefully gauge a line above your crease that’ll show when your eyes are open at their normal position, and sketch on a narrow scuffy semi-sheer line of shimmery gold. I used e.l.f. Long Lasting Lustrous eyeshadow in Toast, a sparkly champagne gold. You want this line to be a little sheer, especially at its top edge, and you also want it to have plenty of grey still showing above it.

THEN, get a more opaque gold liner or cream shadow and sketch a solid line along the bottom of your golden smear. Or do what I did and use NARS Eye Paint in Iskandar, which was kinda too hard to get a really solid line with when you’re going over a super dark color with it, but whatever, I ain’t on Broadway here and it’s Good Enough. (If you have a steady hand and a VERY opaque gold with a VERY fine brush, you could sketch on some little shimmery flares like coronal filaments, oooooo.)

AND THEN, I went in with a kinda pointy-tipped dense stiff shadow/shader brush, and scuffed in some of the black Sephora shadow just under the bottom of that gold line, to make it a little sharper.

THEN, take a smaller shadow brush, and gently pat a little gold shadow (I used the e.l.f. stuff) at the top center of your mobile lid. Also check your upper line where the charcoal grey fades into the nude of your browbone, and realize that’s kinda too harsh so get a bit more nude shadow on your brush and windshield-wiper that line a lil bit.

Liner starts at mid-lid and is a long low straight wing, and it’s that stupid NARS stylo again. Mascara, cleanup, and then do a little of the matte nude shadow on your lower lid and under lashes to get that nice and clean/blank, and I also added a sheer black pencil to lower waterline for a little more definition.

WOO THAT WAS SO EXCITING. Okay not really, but it does make for a kinda fun Night Drama (or Night-During-The-Day Drama) look with the slightly unusual Floating Gold Penumbra thing, so.

Your turn! Show us your makeup! Or your eclipse photos! Or talk about astronomical phenomena! We’re not picky.