LOTRT : August 14

Have you ever started doing A Look thinking “MAN I AM GONNA MAKE SOME DRAMA” and then gotten halfway through it and gone “OKAY MAYBE THAT’S TOO MUCH DRAMA”? I did that Friday night! I mean, the end result was fine, but gosh golly holy shit it was a lot of eyemakeup. So, for this week’s Look Of The Recent Timeframe, I tried to basically do the same thing but dial it way way back :


FIRST, since you’ve wised up now about eyeshadow blending, apply a transition shade or something like it. I used a matte that’s basically “nude” for my skintone — ColourPop’s pressed powder shadow in Full Zip ($4 at ColourPop) applied from crease all the way up to brow.

THEN, in crease, a semi-sheer blue-green “oil slick” shimmer. This is Urban Decay’s Moondust eyeshadow in Zodiac ($21 at Sephora), which is a rather sheer matte grey-black base with blue to green tiny sparkles. You CAN build this one up to pan color, but IME it needs a primer to get really opaque. Which, I’m actually fine with that, because it means that sans primer (and with a nude-ish base shade on lids), you can sheer it out pretty easily! After you’ve got a nice smooth blend approaching browbone area, go back into the crease area and add more to darken it up a little.

THEN, on lids and blended sliiiiighly up into crease, another shadow in the same genre, but darker. This is ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadow in Shameless ($5 at ColourPop), which leans a bit more teal-to-blue, where Zodiac is a bit more green. It’s also got a MUCH deeper and blacker base, so it’s easy as hell to get opaque but hard as hell to sheer out. Pull it out into a long straight soft smudgy wing.

NO LINER! Whaaaaaat. Also, a totally clean undereye area — I dusted mine with a bit of the nude ColourPop shadow to make it extra blank. Keeping all the color/darkness/weight confined to the upper lid and crease makes this a LOT more wearable!

Mascara (yeah, it’s Dinoplatz — $19 at Amazon, worth every penny and then some, etc, etc) and you’re done!

(Friday night’s version of this look was the same, BUT plus black liner on upper waterline, between lashes, above, long strong flick, grey to charcoal to black on lower lid, and more black liner in the lower waterline. Like I said, it was A LOT of eyemakeup.)

And y’all, listen. Saturday late afternoon, I took a shower and put on fresh-albeit-minimal makeup (a sample of BB cream, that Etude House Water Tint stain used as blush, brow fill, a small lazy cat eye, and <3Dinoplatz<3), had a Special Friend over for conveniently-delivered junk food and Battlestar Galactica, slept in my makeup, got up yesterday (Sunday), changed clothes, DID NOT WASH FACE, slammed on a bit more eyeliner and some lipstick and went over to his house to watch another movie, got home, did some work, and was about to go wash my face for bed but thought NO, DO NOT BE LAZY, GO DO LOTRT. And once again, I did not wash my face (oh my god why am I telling you this, I’m so so so gross). So this mascara has now been on for THIRTY HOURS, it still looks pretty damn good, and I’ve had zero smudges. Oh did you have doubts about Dinoplatz? HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW.

ANYWAY. This whole “look” on my unwashed face (yuuuuuck) also includes no blush BUT a little streak of lighter concealer used as matte highlighter and topped with a Tony Moly shimmer blush thing that’s basically the same color as my skin (both are nigh undetectable here, of course), and Tom Ford Lips and Boys lipstick in Stavros which I’m super duper not crazy about and think is a preposterous rip-off at $36 for a half-sized lipstick in cheap-looking cheap-feeling packaging AND it doesn’t really last long and doesn’t cling to inner lip area AY-TALL and I generally kind of loathe it buuuut I felt sorry for it and this look needed a kinda neutralish lip, so.

Okay NOW YOU. Share a look! Or chide me for not washing my face! (I wasn’t even drunk!)