K-Beauty Lip Thing Extravaganza!

Okay not really an extravaganza, which would seemingly imply more than four items, which is what we’ve got. But still! Four things! And they’re pretty fun!


So yeah, the Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint things have been around for a while and thus aren’t super “nouvelle” — I picked up two of them months and months ago because A) I like lip tint things and B) I also like cute things and they’re teensy wine bottles, eeeeee. BUT THEN, I saw they had a matte lipstick in that formula as well! And then as long as I was buying one lip thing I might as well buy another lip thing, and thus we’ve also got an offering from Etude House. Both of those are also not Brand Spankin’ New, but they’re new to me, so LET’S PLAY.

Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint in “Cherry Ade” ($6.32/.35oz on Amazon) : Okay I’m not sure why I bought this one as I didn’t have particularly high hopes for it or for that category of product in general but, well, it’s hardly my first or last “wtf?” purchase.

As per its name, this is a WATER tint. Not a tint that gives a water-color effect, it’s literally like water. Have you tried Benetint? This is pretty much the same thing, in a very slightly different (less pinky) shade. On lips, it performs much the same as well — it lays down a very sheer Kool-Aid type color (and smells like a cross between cherry and strawberry Kool-Aid), but the stain isn’t particularly long lasting.

Etude House Water Stain, just applied.
Etude House Stain, after licking lips and kinda wiping it off, to simulate wear from drinking/talking/etc. This does NOT survive food.

With all the other options out there for a lasting red stain (including the peel-off ones we looked at recently, as well as something further down this post), this is a meh for me. HOWEVER. I like it VERY VERY MUCH as a cheek tint! As with all wet/watery blush products, this is definitely best applied over bare skin or moisturizer etc — if you put it on over your foundation, it will jack it up. Like with Benetint, you’ll need to work fast to ensure even distribution/blending, but it does last quite a while! The downside : there aren’t many days that I DO wear makeup but DON’T wear foundation … but for six bucks, this is worth having.

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in “RD01 Shiraz” ($9.74/.24oz on Amazon) and “RD03 Merlot Burgundy” ($10.89 on Amazon): Okay NOW we’re getting somewhere. These little guys are a lot like the YSL Glossy Stains, but a bit thinner and with less tack/cling. If you like the look of Glossy Stains but don’t like the cling, this may be your jam. Personally, I adore the cling, which is what makes them so comparatively long wearing, but.

Anyway, the Shiraz red is RED AS ALL GET-OUT. It yields a pretty smooth and even application very easily via the doe-foot wand, smells approximately of raspberries, and dries down to a slightly glossy finish. Which, that finish will quickly wear down to a satin, but it definitely leaves a quite strong stain behind! I often apply this one, let it set/dry down, and then wipe it off and apply actual red lipstick over it, so I’ll have more of a base stain left when the lipstick wears off. It’s also (obvs) great on its own! Though again, if you love this color and glassy look, but you need longer wear? Glossy Stain in shade #10. No contest.

Labiotte Wine Tint RD01, just after application.
Labiotte Wine Tint RD01, after licking lips and wiping it off. STAINY. <3

The RD03 “Merlot Burgundy” (make up your mind, pls) shade, on the other hand, is very much more sheer and muted. This is one of my fave low key / nude-ish lip looks, and the color itself is very similar to the YSL Glossy Stain in #4 Mauve Pigmente (see below for comparison swatches). Smells … grape-ish? And since this one is less bright and also less pigmented, it doesn’t really leave a detectable stain behind at all.

Labiotte Wine Tint in RD03, just after applying.

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick in “01 Malbec Burgundy” ($14.72/.12oz on Amazon) : This one has some pros and some cons, but on the whole I’m really digging it. It’s also A TRANSFORMER — okay not really, but it does come apart in two places instead of just one. That upper “foil wrap” part of the cap/bottle pops off to reveal a little white smudge tip, to use if you want to do a diffused/ombre look with it. Then the whole upper portion starting just above the pink label? That’s the cap proper.

The only real downside to this setup is that while the main cap clicks closed very securely, the little “foil” top cap comes off FAR too easily. I doubt I’ll ever need a smudger tip for this, so there’s a strong chance I’m going to end up just supergluing that mofo on. The product itself, though, is quite nice! It’s smooth, feels creamy, is vaguely “berry” scented, SUPER pigmented, applies very evenly, and has a satin-matte finish that doesn’t feel drying.

Labiotte Wine Lipstick RD01, just after applying.
Labiotte Wine Lipstick RD01, after multiple blottings. OOOOOOOH.

I like the shade quite well when freshly applied, but I REALLY like it blotted off — the wear on this one is pretty good, and though it does have transfer (since it’s not a liquid true-matte), it’s really comfortable and it wears down fairly evenly (and is a breeze to reapply when needed). Is it omg the greatest lipstick I’ve ever used? Nah. But it was definitely worth its very reasonable ~$15 price tag, and I’ll definitely be wearing it out this weekend.

ARM SWATCHES, OF COURSE. From left to right, in both warmer and cooler lighting, Etude House Water Stain applied solid (like on lips) and blended out (like for cheeks), Labiotte Wine Tint RD01, Labiotte Wine Tint RD03, a vertical column of YSL Glossy Stains for comparison (from top, 02 Brun Cachemire, 22 Prune Minimale, 04 Mauve Pigmente), and finally the Labiotte Wine Lipstick.

Got any of these, or something similar? Love or NOPE?