Human Guinea Pig: One Last Bimatoprost Update

I know three posts regarding the same product might seem superfluous, but I realized I had one last experiment that hadn’t been performed — what happens when you stop using this product? How long after ceasing application before you lose the benefits? Will all your lashes fall out?

So I stopped applying bimatoprost.* There wasn’t any noticeable change on days one or two (which makes sense, as I tend to apply bimat only every-other night now anyway — I’m maintaining growth, not trying to build it up). I did wake up with a couple of lashes on my pillowcase on the fourth morning, though I didn’t notice any more falling out during the day. But by day five, I noticed I was shedding more lashes than usual — just a couple here and there throughout the day and night, but those added up. This continued through the next couple of days; and by day seven, my lashes had regressed to normal(ish) length — I still have a lot of thickness, and many individual lashes are still quite long, but the super-long lashes that had been artificially sustained beyond normal growth limits? Yeah, those are gone. (I no longer have any lashes that overlap my eyebrows, for instance.) My lashes are still thicker and longer (on average) than before the experiment, but neither long nor thick enough that anyone would bother remarking on them. (Or, in the way I’ve been conceptualizing it, my lashes went from Steve-Rogers-Post-Super-Serum to Sam-Wilson-Sans-Wings — still prettier than average, but no one is going to stop and stare when I walk past.) (No joke: during my max-lash phase, not a single week passed in which I did not get comments on my lashes from at least three strangers. Literally every single week. And I more than once had strangers pass me on the sidewalk or in the hall, and then circle back to comment on/ask me about my lashes. I loved it, especially since the type of strangers who commented usually had some boss makeup going on, so it gave me the opportunity to let them know how impressed I was by their skill and ask them what they were wearing.)

This was a tragic and difficult and self-sacrificing decision. YOU’RE WELCOME, SCIENCE.

Still long and full … just not superhumanly so.

ANYWAY. From this, I conclude that it might be possible — though perhaps not wise — to extend bimat application to only every third night. Frankly, I have no intention of risking it (I LIKE my lash ‘roids, thank you very much), but if you forget to use your bimat one night? You’re probably fine, as long as you remember to apply it again the next night.

I also shed normal-length lashes more easily than when I was using bimatoprost — when I tug on them now (I have periodic trichotillomania/it’s finals week), eyelashes come out without too much coaxing. It’s not any worse than it was pre-bimatoprost, but it’s noticeably different from when I was on bimatoprost  — I’m tentatively concluding that bimatoprost not only artificially extends the growth period, but also causes the lashes to temporarily become more firmly rooted. (Which might explain why they’re still thicker than usual — bimatoprost foiled my usual self-sabotage for a couple of months, thus allowing me to reach a ‘natural’ level of thickness I’ve never managed before.)

Also, I tried a new primer this morning. Can you tell that my foundation was being bratty af? I CAN.

Though I miss my super-long lashes, it’s okay — I’m pretty confident that when I start bimat application again tonight, it’ll probably only take four weeks for the “long-but-within-normal-parameters” individual lashes to reach the “this-is-totally-ridiculous” length (and max eight weeks for the rest of them to reach super-human length), and I have plenty of shorter regrowth that will be steadily working its way up. They’re still long and thick, just not “OMG YOUR LASHES” long.

One other side effect of note: Though I hadn’t experienced much (if any) discoloration before my last update, I did start noticing some purplish discoloration along the upper lashline about a month ago. It’s not too severe — just a thin line of reddish-purple that doesn’t even show up on camera at a selfie distance — but it’s there. (I’m kind of happy about it — it darkens the base of my lashes, so the space between my lashes doesn’t look as stark if I skip tightlining!)

HOW ‘BOUT YOU? Ever tried a lash-growth serum and then stopped? Get similar results or no? Discuss!