Friday Open Thread


How have all y’all’s weeks been? Mine’s been good. I have spent six of the last eighteen hours taking math finals, though, and I start another two-hour exam as soon as I finish typing this post. School is … fun?


That brings me to today’s open thread prompt!

I’m kind of presuming that if you’re here, you’re interested in some aspect(s) of beauty — whether doing it, learning about it, or buying it. (Or just obsessively researching it. *raises hand*) Yet I’m betting that none of us — even (or especially?) any honest-to-goodness MUAs out there — rely on makeup as our sole area of interest.

So what else have you got going on? What else makes you you? When you have a spare minute (or hour, or day) what do you like to do with that time?

I’ll start:

Hi. I’m Finch. [Hi, Finch!] I like school (a lot) (which is good, because ‘a lot’ is also how much schoolwork I have). But I also like to play the piano (Mozart/Joplin especially, usually wayyyy faster than I’m supposed to) and am the proud new owner of a freakin’ gorgeous acoustic-electric guitar. (… I can play one song so far. Can’t exactly say I’m a ‘guitar player’ yet.) I also cross stitch whenever possible (generally something nerdy or subtly subversive), read when I get the chance (lol — though a couple of apps have helped with this lately), and work full-time. Sometimes I go to the gym, which I *love* … once I’m actually at the gym. I love to cook (and I’m fairly decent) but haven’t had kitchen access in awhile. Huge fan of Netflix (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Galavant, and Supernatural are my current Entertainment Comfort Food), and enjoy Nerd Stuff In General. I used to *love* intricate costuming, but I just don’t have the time (… or room …) to work on extravagant sewing projects like I used to. I also write.

So … talk about yourself! If you want! If you DON’T want to talk about your hobbies, feel free to discuss beauty/the weather/random facts/weekend plans/whatever the heck you feel like, since this is an Open Thread!