Double Take: John Masters Organics Lavender & Avocado Conditioner

Sometimes, one of us’ll discuss a product, and then the other tries it and has somethin’ more to say. Doesn’t mean the first person was wrong — Collier and I live in different climes (she: The Muggy South; me: The Western Desert), have different skin types (oily/acne-prone; ultra-sensitive/dry/Accutane’d), and different leanings/skill levels (she: fun! and talented!; me: neutral and lazy).

Generally, the “Ima let you finish, but I gotta talk about this product” will take one of three routes:

* All due respect, but this did NOT work for me the way it did for you

* Hear, Hear! Despite our different tastes/skin/climates, this performed similarly for me! Who’d’ve thunk it!


YOU might call it “redundant.” WE call it a “double take.”

A while back, Collier had this to say about the John Masters Organics Lavender Avocado Conditioner : “No silicones, and hands-down my favorite and most-effective conditioner for super-dry hair. Very light lavender scent that doesn’t linger (much less project once hair is dry), feels incredibly moisturizing but not heavy, rinses clean, no build-up. ADORATION.”

MY TAKE : My hair feels like kitten angel silk.

I am maybe not the best judge of relative excellence when it comes to expensive hair products, because I generally don’t buy a lot of expensive hair products. Sure, I’ve tried foil packets and deluxe samples and the occasional bottle of the stuff you can buy in two-packs at a JC Penney salon — Paul Mitchell, Tigi? — but the stuff I usually use is the $5-$8 range at Rite Aid or Walgreens. (Okay, and a 67-oz bottle of Olaplex. Heh.) Why bother spending $20+ on a conditioner when you can get something that’s Good Enough for $6? Is it possible for a 4x more expensive conditioner to perform 4x better than a drugstore conditioner?

Turns out … yes. Yes, it is possible.

I was not terribly impressed when I first used this in the shower — I’m used to conditioner loaded with silicones, which means I’m used to my hair feeling slippery and sleek when I rinse the conditioner out. This stuff has none of that texture when I rinse — it feels like I have soggy-but not-particularly-sleek hair. OUT of the shower is when the difference becomes most apparent. My cone’d-up hair needs detangler and heat protectant and conditioning spray and a detangling comb and a hair dryer on low to maintain a semblance of Decent Hair; while I can finger-comb my wet JMO hair, drive to school with the windows down, and emerge with dry, silky, untangled, soft-‘n’-shiny tresses. I am literally not exaggerating. Finger-comb + highway winds + JMO conditioner = shampoo commercial hair. I have done this more than once.

That’s ridiculous, y’all.

So what’s so different about this one? I feel like this goop really *sinks into* the hair, rather than just coating the shaft. I feel like I should do some sort of sultry Priyanka Chopra hair commercial voice — “Hydrates from the inside-out” — but it really does. My usual conditioners tend to leave my hair feeling coated with residue — sleek and shiny residue, sure, but gunk that weighs my hair down and tends to make it look dirty faster. This stuff has zero residue (I can’t even smell it once my hair is dry — kind of a bummer, since it smells like lavender and cedar to me) and doesn’t weigh my hair down at all (though if I put too much conditioner near the scalp, I *do* regret it the next day).

Unfortunately, this “sinks into hair rather than coating the shaft” means I’ve had a hard time pegging how much to use; “MY HAIR DOESN’T FEEL COATED; ADD MORE CONDITIONER” was my approach the first few times. Turns out I can use a quarter-sized glorp of this, rather than an entire palmful of the OGX flavor of the week. And even though I’m using less per application, the price discrepancy is significant enough that this is still more expensive per shower than whatever drugstore brand is on clearance — but y’know what, I don’t care. My hair is glorious.

(Now if only I could find a way to make it voluminous, too …)


Still $22 for 7oz on

Tried it? Share your opinion so we can make this a triple-take, or quadruple-take, or …