Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss

OH WHAAAAT, Sara’s back to give us a review of her fave new eye product! Hey I totally just spoilered the whole “Good Or Nah” mystery there, didn’t I? Catch me in the comments and I’ll tell you everything that happened on Game of Thrones last night, too.

I preordered an eyeshadow and it was the best makeup purchase I’ve made in years. (MAC “Liquid Lurex” lipstick, I’m looking in your direction. You were too good for this world.)

I know that the Butter London Glazen Eyegloss isn’t new to you guys in the U.S., but for me (a Londoner, oh the irony!) I had to preorder this baby on Amazon after a literal year of furiously searching for a UK stockist.

The result : I’m absolutely enamoured with a little clear pot. This has changed cream/gel eye shadows for me forever. 100% worth waiting!

The Glazen Eye Gloss (the name somewhat makes me crave doughnuts) is the weirdest texture I’ve come across in an eye product. It’s a gel/slime consistency which doesn’t look particularly mind blowing at first sight, but as soon as you dip your finger/brush (finger is definitely my recommended application tool for this one) in to swatch this madness, the magic happens. If you like your duochromes, you’ll be in awe!

Oil Slick is a beautiful hybrid multi-faceted thing of joy. The colour applies beautifully and blends out like a dream and the pigment is amazing. Is it purple? Is it green? Or brown?

Keep it light with a slick of colour, or layer it up for a more editorial look — it’s easy to sheer out, but it also builds up well for opaque colour. I’ve been rocking this alone as my daytime look. (No fucks given about daytime vs nighttime “appropriate” makeup.) I’m obsessed with you, Oil Slick.

VERDICT : GOOD! It takes a lot for me to love a cream eyeshadow. This because my eyelids are greasier than cheese pizza and can’t hold onto product any longer that an an hour or two. I can confirm that creasing was minimal with this product. I’ve worn it with and without primer and can report that the staying power is similar with both. Total witchcraft, I tell you. And obviously I’m not alone in my love for this product, because Allure awarded it in their Best Of Beauty awards 2016!

Oil Slick retails for $24.00 from Butter London or £15.00 from Amazon UK.

Tried these? Good or nah? Discus amongst yourselves!