Weird Impulse Beauty Buys : MURDER MASK Edition

HEYO. Today, Kelly is back with some fabulous and mildly terrifying finds from some kind of Bizarro Beauty World! ENJOY!

I’m generally pretty judicious about my beauty purchases. I’ll spend hours, days even, poring over reviews and research of any product I’m considering. Often I get so overwhelmed by information, I panic and end up buying nothing. But there is one lone category that I’m a sucker for, and that’s cheap and weird beauty.

Is it ridiculous? Is it under $10? Sign. Me. Up.

The most recent impulse buys? Two mask products from the Japanese company Daiso: their Reusable Silicone Mask Cover ($5.88 on Amazon) and Natural Pack Charcoal Peel-Off Mask ($5.69 on Amazon).

First up, the Charcoal Peel-Off Mask!

It puts the face mask on the skin or else it gets the zits again.

I’m sure you’ve seen those YouTube videos circulating the internet, where people are mixing activated charcoal powder with glue and slathering it on their faces, only to get redfaced and weepy when it tears off the top layer of their epidermis? This is like that, only formulated to hopefully not tear off my face.

The mask comes in a cute white squeezy tube, which is great for dispensing the product with minimal mess (I still made a mess, but I am a walking disaster). I found the easiest way to do this was to squeeze a little of the black goop onto my index finger and apply where I wanted. Since I am not interested in tearing all of the peach fuzz off my cheeks, I avoided them entirely. Instead, I only ever apply this on my oiliest spots with the most clogged pores: my nose, my chin, and between my eyebrows.

My skin leans combination-dry, particularly after a long foray into Accutane. I like to think my skin is mostly well-behaved, although occasionally it likes to remind me of its presence by way of tiny temple pimples or a lingering red spot. Here, my skin is mostly recovered from a particularly irritable phase, although there is still inflammation on the forehead and around the nose.

It takes about 15-20 minutes for the goop to dry completely, after which it is pretty easy to peel the mask off painlessly (I’m sure it’s a different story for the cheeks, hence why I didn’t do it).


–       It’s super fun to peel things!
–       My face skin appears to have slightly less gunk in it afterward.


–       It’s a bit drying after removal, but that can be remedied with some moisturizer/oil.
–       Getting it stuck in your hairline/eyebrow can be a little harrowing, but the mask comes out easily with warm water and rubbing.

Strips of mask or the beginnings of a human skin dress?

It’s not on par with some of those super gross pore strip pics you can find on the internet. In fact, I don’t think it yanks much off at all. Does it replace my precious Aztec Clay mask? Hell no! But I’ve kept using it, partly because I think it does help a little with the pores on my nose (or at least the dead skin) and partly because I love peeling things and it’s fun as hell.

Next, the silicone mask cover!

This mask comes in colors! Mine is supposedly “lavender.”

Do you ever have that problem where you’re trying to relax and watch cartoons while wearing a sheet mask and it keeps slipping off your face? I… actually don’t have that problem, but some people must because this doodad exists! The product listing on Amazon also claims this prevents the mask essence from evaporating.

The cover looks like a sheet mask with the same creepy holes cut out for your eyes, nose, and mouth. On each side there are two loops that you want to put around your ears to keep the mask on your face. As one might ascertain from the name “mask cover,” you’re supposed to put the sheet mask on first, and then this silicone cover on top to keep the mask on your face.

Helloooooo, Clarice.

So we’re all in agreement that I look stunningly gorgeous and not at all like someone who might rise out of a lake and begin hacking up horny teenage campers? The things we do for beauty…


–       This does exactly what it advertises and keeps my sheet mask firmly affixed to my face. The eye/nose/mouth holes all align with my matching attributes, so I can comfortably watch things or talk. I can’t eat with this thing on, but that’s probably a lot more to do with me than the mask.
–       I look like a beautiful woman and certainly not someone who would drop you in a hole and insist you rub the lotion on your skin (although you really should moisturize).


–       The straps that go around your ears are a little uncomfortable, but not unbearable! I could keep the mask on for a long time without needing to tear it off.
–       The slippy silicone makes my glasses slide down. A minor annoyance that can be remedied by wearing contacts or having better eyesight.
–       The chin area is WAY too big for me? I’m not sure if I have a remarkably tiny chin or what, but as you can see by the picture, I have a bit of a silicone tube beard in that area. The instructions are all in Japanese, which I cannot read, but there are some pictures that indicate you could cut the mask in half if you only wanted to use one piece or the other. I briefly wondered if that would solve the Chin Conundrum, but I don’t think it would.

My skin doesn’t look much better, but it feels better. Less clogging in the t-zone, softer skin overall.

These things are both cheap as hell, but is it worth buying? Honestly, that depends on your priorities. I’m all for finding ways to make my skin happier. Does this do that? I think yes, a little bit! I can’t say with certainty if the silicone mask cover helps my skin absorb more skin goop, but I think it does help keep the mask essence from evaporating (in fact, I found that when I wore this, product from the sheet mask was more likely to drip out around the chin and down my neck. So the true winner in this whole ordeal is my neck skin!]. I can’t say with great certainty if any sort of pore strips or peel-off masks are any good for your skin, but I think they’re fun as long as they’re not done too often. If nothing else, you can have a pretty good time taking selfies using either of these and sending them to your friends. And for $5, there’s nothing wrong with that.

What do you think about gimmicky beauty? Any weird, cheap products you’d be interested in me trying?