Friday Open Thread

WOO FRIDAY YEAH. Before I ditch you guys for pizza and cocktails and other Adult Activities, let me toss out something that’s taking up a good bit of headspace lately : SKINCARE ROUTINES. How and when and why do you change yours, especially if you have a problem you’re trying to address, and double-especially since there’re SO. MANY. PRODUCTS?

You guys know I started using Differin about two months ago. After a semi-rocky start (which, I guess I’ll attribute to it shifting around my skin’s normal turnover cycle?), I think I’m seeing a bit of improvement using Differin at night and Skinoren during the day, versus Skinoren (or comparable product) only. Yeah, they both reduce keratin production, but in different ways, and I didn’t want to ditch Skinoren’s azelaic acid which also attacks acne bacteria.

BUT THEN. Since I’d had some breakout activity since starting Differin, which was taking forever to heal AND leaving me with those irritating dry flaky areas that only want to show up AFTER you’ve put on makeup, ugh — I dug through my stash to see what I had that might address that. And oh hey, for some reason I had stopped using my Algenist oil months ago, I’ll try adding that back in.

MY ROCK STARS. With a semi-incongruous disco ball.

You guys. My skin is still doing little surface breakouts occasionally, but oh WOW does the oil help! And listen : I know, “oils are so good for your skin, you should try more oils!” I tried rosehip seed oil, which felt too heavy and seemingly did nothing. I tried Fresh Seaberry, which broke me out. I tried Tarte Maracuja, which broke me out. I tried Josie Maran Light Argan, which really broke me out. And then I got a little mini/sample size of this Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil ($82/1oz at Sephora) with VIB points, and immediately fell in love with it. It’s so thin and light! It absorbs so well! It makes my face feel like VELVET instead of like skin covered with Valvoline! I can wear it under makeup, no problem! And it didn’t break me out! But it’s not until I started regularly using it while having breakouts that I really appreciated it — because this stuff makes my skin heal faster. A spot I picked at? Or got too aggressive with the tweezers while touching up brows? This definitely reduces the healing time. Like, by a noticeable number of days. Yay!

I know, I know — $82 bones for an ounce of face oil “whaaaaat lollllll.” But for real, it’s aces, and of course you only use a few drops so it lasts a lonnnng time (probably a year, for me). It’s in a mostly-opaque bottle (with a graduated window at side to clearly show you how much is left) with a nifty glass dropper that operates via a button you depress in the cap, rather than a rubber squeeze-bulb thing. We discussed during the recent review of their Triple Action Micro Polish & Peel scrub stuff that there really aren’t any reliable legit studies backing up their claims about their patented “microalgae oil” — which is the main ingredient here — but whatever it is, it sure as hell works well for me. This also contains seaweed extract and vitamins A and E oils, so that’s … probably good? Whatever, it’s making my skin happy so I’ma roll with it.

AND SO. What about you? Do you add new products to your routine when you succumb to the temptation via marketing promises or fab ingredients or a fancy container? Or only when you’ve got a new problem to address? Or are you one of those people who can put anything on their face with impunity (I hate you)? Discuss! OR, discuss something else — it’s open thread!