Friday Open Thread

It’s FRIDAY, a fact about which I am utterly thrilled. My life is about to descend into gloriously noisy chaos as tiny relatives run rampant through the house, and the evening’s festivities may even include nail polish on bitty fingers. Life is good.


Does your makeup change seasonally? I’m barefaced today (and wearing a literal scrunchie at work, so … yeah, it’s a Friday), and I was just thinking about how much more natural it feels to go barefaced in the summertime versus winter. Don’t get me wrong — heaven knows my classmates and coworkers have seen me year-round barefaced more often than they’ve seen me in a full face! — but makeup seems like the exception rather than the rule in summmertime. (And it has nothing to do with summertime humidity, as my state does not *do* that whole “humidity” thing.) Who cares what my face looks like when there’s so much glorious sunshine everywhere?!

(This is basically me in the summertime. ALL THE SUNSHINE PLEASE AND THANK YOU)

How about you? Are you more likely to go makeup-less in the summertime? Are you more likely to wear bright colors and experimental looks? Is there a particular product you’re loving this summer?

If you’re not feeling the navel-gazing Summertime Beauty Habits prompt, share whatever else is on your mind! It’s an Open Thread, after all — feel free to brag/complain/recommend/discuss/etc whatever you feel like, beauty-related or otherwise.


-An ~historical~ lip balm

-A face mask that might be breaking me out?

-A swatchout of highlighters that are so subtle that my camera might not even be able to photograph the swatches!
-Fitness tips for lazy people, from a lazy person (write what you know, right?)

-Whatever Collier’s got in the works (knowing Collier, it’s probably fabulous)