Friday Open Thread

Holy cats it’s Friday, how did that even happen. Whatever, let’s have an OPEN THREAD.


We’ve talked a lot (a lotttt) here about Mindful Consumerizing and Not Just Buying All The Things. One thing I do to get a little bitty fix is keeping fairly well-organized shopping lists / wish lists. A lot of online stores will leave items in your cart basically forever, at least if you have a login. But quite a few smaller retailers don’t, and while your shopping cart contents might stick around for a week, if you go back a month later and those heavily-researched long-pondered-over products are gone? TRAGEDY. Too bad you didn’t write that shit down!

I write that shit down. 

Specifically, I’ve got a multi-pronged organizational system (which is honestly slightly disorganized sometimes, but it works for me) :

A txt file on my laptop, wherein I have a running list of products to purchase or do more research / swatch-pic hunting on, organized alphabetically by brand/site.


A designated bookmarks folder in Chrome, with everything grouped by site or product type (all the nail stuff together in a chunk, all the makeup stuff together, all the skincare stuff together). Particularly handy since those bookmarks are available and updated across devices (my Mac laptop, my desktop pc, my phone’s browser).

(I’m not doing a screencap of the bookmarks folder, because it’s boring and also HUGE and believe me when I tell you it’s not worth all the scrolling.)

NEXT LEVEL : If you actually shop in person, like, in Meat Space, not in your house via your computer, then obvs you’d want a list that can live on your phone. I’ve got Notes files on my iPhone (which autosyncs to my laptop / iCloud) for books, music, and TV shows — not because I shop for those things in Meat Space, but because those are the things I’m likely to be having conversations about when I’m out of the house, so it’s convenient to be able to add things directly to my list rather than trying to drunk-remember them or illegibly scribble them on tiny pieces of paper.

I find that this serves a multitude of purposes : 1) Every time I run across a new product/color I’m interested in, I’ve got designated places to keep it and easily find it later, 2) I don’t have to worry about lost shopping carts, 3) it kinda scratches the itch to ACQUIRE ALL THE THINGS because adding them to your list feels a tiiiiiiny bit like adding them to your hoard, and 4) when I find a new thing and “omg I’m buying that right this second,” I have the option of adding it to the list instead, AND ALSO going “oh wait hrm, I have other stuff in this category on my list — let’s review those other things and maybe I’d rather have one of them instead?”

SO that’s a thing I’m doing this weekend : reviewing my shoppin’ lists and bookmarks files, ditching the things that now make me go “ehhhhh” or are no longer available, and reveling in my organizational prowess.


Do you keep lists? Do you have A SYSTEM? What helps keep you from Buying All The Things Right This Second? Are you a ROMANTIC BEAR, WOW? Discuss! It’s Open Thread!