Nudeish Brownish Lip Things : WINNERS


In the ongoing Capital-S Struggle to find brownish lip things that read as a nude-ish MLBB kinda deal on my very pink skin, I’ve had a lot of failures. BUT TODAY, let’s admire four successes, including one of ColourPop’s newest formulas. Yes? Yes!

I’ve developed a pretty dire ColourPop habit, people. A week or two ago I ordered a couple of their Blotted and Ultra Blotted Lips once they finally came back in stock, and loved them so much I ordered more just a few days after I got them. Yeah, they’re THAT GOOD. The Blotted Lip ($5 each) is a slim bullet, much like their standard Lippie Stix though a bit shorter; Ultra Blotted ($6 each) is a liquid formula in their standard tube-and-doefoot-wand format.


The Blotted Lip is a true matte that feels fairly thin, slightly waxy/occlusive (which is nice), and dry — but dry in a “silky smooth” way, not dry in a “holy crap this is sucking all the moisture out of my entire face” way. They’re fairly transfer-resistant, but not transfer-proof. One swipe is fairly sheer (thus the name), but you can build them up with a couple coats for deeper color. They perform well when built up, and don’t pill or get streaky.

The Ultra Blotted Lip is also a true matte, also goes on sheer but is somewhat buildable, but this liquid formula feels more silicone/powdery than waxy, so it’s got that “oh wow there’s absolutely nothing on my lips” feel. Which, if that feeling bothers you hugely? Then stick with the regular Blotted (which come in more colors anyway — the Ultra Blotted formula is currently only in eight shades).

Both formulas wear pretty well — they tend to fade smoothly on me and don’t leave a stubborn ring, and you can just kinda wipe your lips with a napkin or blotting paper to remove any loose old product or shed lip skin cells [ew] or whatever, and reapply easily without making a gross lumpy mess (so often the case with anything “matte” or “ultra long wear”). Neither formula wears as long as, say, their Ultra Mattes … but the tradeoff is that their tinted-sheer nature means that when they DO start to fade or wear off, you don’t get the dreaded High-Contrast Lipstick Ring Of Shame And Cosmetic Ineptitude AKA Girl You Need To Go Fix That.

ANYWAY. I figured their sheer-ish nature would make them a GREAT contender for a MLBB kind of basic nude-ish thing, right? So I looked at a bunch of swatches online, and ordered “Deja Vu” from the collab line with Alexis Ren (confession: I have no idea who that is), and also “Drip” from their core collection. And oh what, in person they are ALMOST INDISTINGUISHABLE.  Deja Vu is a tiny bit lighter; Drip is a tiny bit deeper and the tiny tiniest bit more pink/mauve. Both of them are EXCELLENT and Drip is probably going to live in my bag forever, and I might even buy a backup which I almost never do.


Last week Finch raved about the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lineup, and swatched damn near every color for us. We’ve both gone ON AND ON about these, because they’re legit just so damn good. AS IS FINCH, who mailed me most of her collection of minis (is it all of them? I swear to god it seems like all of them) to try out! I didn’t even touch the pastel pinks and light peaches because by now I know that this will only end in tears or at least a loud “ew hell no,” but I was eager to try out a few of the Nudeish Brownish contenders — and, no surprise, Chai is a HUGE winner. It’s definitely nudeish brownish! But it’s got some rosiness so it’s not too brown (or too yellow) for my skin! Hooray! (Verbena is a little too terra cotta, Honeycomb is too light, Molasses is far too brown.) I ALSO discovered that Chai is basically an opaque, slightly deeper, and very slightly rosier version of Lipstick Queen’s “Saint” sheer lipstick in Berry, which we’ve already talked about. SO! Some swatches and comparisons! Below, the two ColourPop Blotted Lips, followed by Bite’s “Chai” and Lipstick Queen’s “Berry.”

Deja Vu, Drip, Chai, Berry.
ColourPop Blotted Lip “Deja Vu”
ColourPop Blotted Lip “Drip”
Bite Amuse Bouche “Chai”
Lipstick Queen Saint “Berry”

TL;DR : ColourPop Blotted Lips are fab and you should try one. (Since I ordered two near-dupes, I’m sending Deja Vu to Finch.) (And then I’ll probably also order more.)


Left, indoor shade. Right, outdoor sun. Blotted in “Lolly” at top, Ultra Blotted in “Cherry On Top” at bottom.
ColourPop Blotted Lip in “Lolly”
ColourPop Ultra Blotted Lip in “Cherry On Top”

Yeah those’re also almost dupes, but I prefer (again) the regular-bullet Blotted, as it’s easier to apply and easier to build up color smoothly.

SO? Tried any of these? Love the Blotted Lip formula or nah? ARE THEY a semi-dupe of the Glossier Generation G? Share!