LOTRT : July 31

HAAAAAY, it’s Monday again, which means you get to spend a few minutes admiring my inconsiderable makeup skillz. Wooooo.

Today’s face-paint non-extravaganza is pretty simple but not (imo) boring — which means it’s easy to do, AND you can add to it later! Which I did!


All over top part of mobile lid and upward through crease, a matte low-key taupe. This is MUFE Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow ($25 at Sephora) (yeah omg another cream shadow, who on earth would ever have thought) in “Matte Taupe.” Finch sent me a mini of this and it’s SO GOOD. This particular shade is a little warmer/yellower than I usually go with for a neutral/crease color, only because I’m super pink, so. But the texture (a thinnish cream — not watery, but more mousse-like, and obvs thin enough to easily dispense from a squeeze-tube) is aces, it’s super blendable and goes on smooooooooth, it’s easy to build up, and it wears like a mofo. Yay! I’ve had this makeup on for an hour or so now, and one of the products — either this or the liner — is making my left eye water which is jacking up the eyeshadow. Yes, only my left eye. No, I do not know why. Actually I was doing a bunch of screen-staring yesterday/last night, and I’m left-eye dominant (IT’S A THING), so this could just  be eye fatigue and not irritation? Sigh.

ANYWAY. When you’re done ruminating on all that shit, do a solid opaque bright turquoise metallic (or whatever) across the lower part of your mobile lid — or hell, the entire mobile lid, I’m not your boss — and pull it straight out into a wing. I used the fab-as-hell 3INA Cream Shadow in 304 ($14.50 at ASOS). The wing should be crisp on the top, but it doesn’t have to be super neat along its bottom edge because …

LINER. I did upper waterline, between lashes, and then a thinnnnn line above lashes pulled out into a low straight skinny wing along the bottom edge of the turquoise. This is that NARS stylo again, which is so easy to use but doesn’t wear well at all for me, so I don’t recommend it. My strategy is to try to use it all up for LOTRT before I’m tempted to actually wear it out — because again, EAAASY.

MASCARA. This is my old tube of Dinoplatz ($18.90 on Amazon), which I still adore and YES I know I should throw it away but it works fine and I get a slightly different look (finer, thinner, more low-key but still long and nice) from the old tube versus the newer/fresher one. I have a Relationship with mascaras and I find them very difficult to toss. #Pathological

AFTER MASCARA, clean up the inevitable flecks (I actually sneezed this time, because of course) and use the same taupe/neutral matte under lower lashes, smudged out along lower lid, and pulled out into a lash-shadow flick beneath your liner wing.

And you’re done! OH, I also used Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation in 01, NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder (which I like, but the pressed version is kinda eh for me), Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in “Natural Beauty,” and YSL Glossy Stain in 106 (one of the Rebel Nudes series, and I love it bc it’s got teeny sparkles).

Final step : be sure to take effing thirty photos and make a stupid face in every single one.

BUT THEN ALSO, if this gets boring and you want to add to it? There’s that WHOLE NEUTRAL CREASE area to work with! I went back over mind with MUFE Holodiam Powder in 302 (discontinued, sorrrrrry, it’s a pretty bog-standard red/green flip and v v sparkly) for ~added drama~ and also switched to a darker lip thing (YSL Glossy Stain in 02 Brun Cachemire) (yes I have too many of these but I <3 them).

WOO, SPANGLES. You can put pretty much any sparkly thing over this, so long as the base color is super sheer OR very similar to your extant crease shade, and the shimmer color doesn’t fight with your lid color. Which, duh, you knew that.

Okay the augmented eyemakeup doesn’t really show here AT ALL, but A+ background action.

YOUR TURN. Share a look! Or a semi-relevant swatch! Or an opinion! Or a haiku!